Is Their Bold New World Led By Mental Illness?

Or is it just gaslighting on steroids? If fear porn of nukes won’t get you angry, and turning kids into pronouns won’t move you out of your seats … then how will you react when they tell you Jesus is fake news? Evil has a bag of sandpaper ideas ready to rub on your undersides!…Continue…

Is Their Bold New World Led By Mental Illness? — The Marshall Report

Graphene – BOOM!

Now we know why our cereal and foods are magnetic! But, is it a carbohydrate or a protein… perhaps Spiked? I just read a report sent to me that said – “THREE of the destroyed Food warehouses and companies that burned down in the US were white HAT operations… the food contained several poisoning agents/graphene…Continue…

Graphene – BOOM! — The Marshall Report

What The Khazarian Puppets At DAVOS Are Saying…

Observing the talking heads at DAVOS brings to mind a college sorority club where the group believe they dictate who’s who on campus. Only these puppets at DAVOS aren’t that smart. They just devise ideas like script writers in Hollywood and believe they will set the stage, hire the actors, raise the funding and distribution…Continue…

What The Khazarian Puppets At DAVOS Are Saying… — The Marshall Report


Its Biblical!

I agree with Santa on her Biblical theme, but my ‘evidence’ was seen in our garden, not world events. For the past couple months, the cats have been excited about grasshoppers… and those grasshoppers have been getting bigger and bigger as well as changing colors. About a month ago, I noticed one on the screen was about twice the typical size, plus it was basically black with some yellow. I merely shrugged it off and wondered what sort of grasshopper that was (there are some really bizarre varieties in the Amazon, so I wasn’t as surprised as I might have been if we hadn’t traveled a lot). Anyway, a couple days ago, my husband and I were cleaning the fishpond when he noticed a big old hopper munching on an iris (next to the pond) so he flicked it into the water…. The goldfish were thrilled!

The ‘grasshopper’ was huge – 3 to 4 inches long, very ‘husky’ with what appeared to be a vivid yellow with black ‘amore-plated’ body and red wings… Sort of looked like a burly fighter aircraft. Or some sort of weapon of war…. It was actually sort of attractive. The fish seemed to think it was yummy (we all look at things from a unique perspective). By the time it escaped from the pond, it was missing 1 1/2 legs, but still looked very formidable.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the realization That was a Locust, not a grasshopper! Is that a Biblical Sign?!?

As I view the state of our world’s morals, I’m thinking it might be an omen of things to come. What do you think?

10 Teas You Should Avoid Drinking Before Bedtime

While we know that coffee should be avoided before bedtime, tea is a bit of a gray area. Drinking certain types of herbal teas before bed, especially those formulated for relaxation, can actually help you sleep better, which is significant since so many people struggle with insomnia and other sleep disorders. However, this doesn’t mean…

10 Teas You Should Avoid Drinking Before Bedtime — The Lost Herbs
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