199 Common, but Poisonous, Plants


in 2015, Erica Daniels put together a fabulous info-graphic listing 199 common, but poisonous, plants. You can view the original article + infographic in its entirety here. Ms. Daniels not only made the info-graphic easy to read, she did a couple really cool things like note toxicity levels and the part of the plant, which is poisonous. And (possibly best of all) she shows if the plant is toxic to dogs, cats and/or kids…  I thought you might find this useful as you plan what to plant in your garden.poisonous-flowers-rd2-4



Herbs & Plants for Butterflies


For years, Rom and I shared an L shaped desk – we each had our own keyboard (he loved to sprawl on top of his), which allowed me to type on mine 😉 I had a monitor, and he had a big window, which overlooked the back yard. While I wrote, he made chirped to birds, squirrels and butterflies. Since he loved ‘working’ with me so much, I always made sure there were plenty of plants within view of our window that attracted butterflies. Even now, when Rom is no longer with us, I plant things to attract butterflies, and – of course – I am writing Xander’s Sea Purrtector Series in his memory and Mr. M, who is Rom’s muse loves watching butterflies and birds, too.

Below is a jpg of herbs, which Nimri has that attract butterflies, however, if you click on this http://www.thegardenglove.com/bring-in-the-butterflies/  it will take you to lists of several flowers butterflies love, plus it shows you how to make a feeder for them.

butterfly herbs

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