The Mask Shortage

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As per the Daily Signal, the federal government knew about a shortage of protective masks going back to 2009, after the H1N1 virus, but didn’t replenish its supply for the next pandemic, which arrived this year with the highly contagious coronavirus.

H1N1, also known as the swine flu, drew down about 100 million N95 protective respirator masks.

Afterward, an H1N1 task force recommended that the Obama administration replace the masks in the national stockpile, according to reporting by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News.

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Feline Friday

catwithfawnIt is a common misconception that cats kill for the sake of killing … this is not true.

Not only are ‘regular cats’ capable of seeing deer as friends, even their big ‘cousins’ apparently follow the ‘law of the wild’ and – according to photos, below – only kill when hungry.

This is why one of Xander’s basic beliefs in the Sea Purrtector Files is that he needs to ‘see beyond species and look at the other’s core traits. He has had some unexpected allies. This also means a cat could even be a villain…

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