Day Two

. This page will be filled with relevant posts as we begin DAY TWO of the election steal. Follow GABriels on GAB . While we have your attention, watch what this veteran does when no one is looking. Continue your prayers, patriots. We know you are suffering and are feeling a great loss at this…

Day Two — American Intelligence Media

Fraudulent Inauguration

hey had a fake inauguration to go along with a fake election victory.Sure were a lot of crisis actors there! 
Somehow poetic.There was also the lighting aspect and vegetation. Whoever did the camera work made sure to keep in tight, but there were a few glimpses of trees, which looked awfully lush for mid January in DC. Found this photo of January in DC from a couple years ago.

Santa picked up on this thread ( minute 8:00

Also, she found this tweet ….

Stories that Should be Told