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My Thoughts on What is Going On

To the best of my understanding, there is a way to crush the Globalist agenda and we began that when we elected Trump to drain the swamp…. IMHO, that’s why the ‘never Trumpers’ are behaving as if their hair is on fire, outright lying and screaming IMPEACH HIM…. By their reactions, I’m convinced Trump is winning the fight and I don’t envy the ones who have knowingly lied and defamed… Those who scream the loudest appear to have the most to hide.
Remember when Hillary said, “If he wins, we’re all going to jail?”  She knew she and many others were guilty of treason and possibly worse. (I shiver to speculate what could be worsel)  That wasn’t the only time she stated something like that:IF.png

It’s ironic that she and the other guilty ones have spent the past 3 or so years blaming Trump and his supporters for their crimes… It’s also rather informative, because every once in a while I discover they are guilty of things I didn’t know about.  Scary, too.
If you think I’m being overly dramatic calling her guilty, can you please tell me why she was so convinced that she and others would go to jail if Trump won? He doesn’t seem to be a vindictive man, so why would she believe she and others could either go to jail or be hanged?!?
I just hope that the worst of the criminals have been arrested prior to the election…. And since Q said, it would be a ‘hot’ Spring and Summer, I dare to hope that is the timetable.  It should also mean that the 150K sealed indictments will start being unsealed.
(BTW, prior to Trump being elected, it is my understanding that the average number of unsealed indictments is about 5K nation-wide …. I’ve watched this number increase month by month for the past three years, so I’ve also got another theory that A.G. Sessions might not have been as lax as he appeared. …. I’m patiently waiting to see which of my beliefs/theories are confirmed or not.) What do you think about all this?

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Chelsea Clinton

Ever wonder what Chelsea Clinton was doing these days? Would it surprise you to learn she has been as fortunate as Hunter Biden in getting lucrative jobs? RT Question More  says Chelsea Clinton’s charmed life (surely not based on nepotism & name recognition alone!) continues without impediment, in full view of an American public that just doesn’t seem bothered.

5e15ae6920302767d01c75fbAs reported by Barron’s, Chelsea Clinton’s stock in the internet conglomerate IAC/ InterActiveCorp has recently been valued at $9 million. That’s on top of the $50,000 annual retainer she receives, and the $6 million windfall she secured for becoming a board member in 2011.

That board membership at IAC is but one of many extremely lucrative posts that the daughter of Bill and Hillary has lucked upon since college…. For details, please go to

This isn’t exactly related, except to the photo… Am I the only one that thinks Hillary doesn’t look quite right?  Perhaps its just me, but her neck looks shorter and her face looks squarer…. What do you think?