Adventure Cat Tips


I found a great article on Adventure Cats and if any of you wanted to turn your cat into an adventure partner, it offered some excellent advice.  Obviously, the first thing to do is honestly judge your cat’s personality. For instance, though Mr. M knows how to walk on a leash, he is not curious and to be honest, he is happiest when hiding in a box. Purrseidon, on the other paw, is very inquisitive, and she sees her harness as the ‘key’ to investigating the world.

The article has a lot of good information and if you do plan to train your cat for adventure, you should read the whole thing. But if you simply like the idea,  these quotes are pertinent:

Learn to read [your cat’s] body language. Animals tell us a lot through their body language, and understanding what your cat is telling you is really important when taking them to new environments. –Martin Henrion

If you want to get from A to B, you’ll probably have to carry him a lot. Save the wandering for camp. –Stephen Simmons

I always recommend that pet parents carry their cat outdoors, rather than letting the cat walk outdoors on his own. The reason is to reduce the tendency for door-dashing when the leash is not on. A cat who is used to walking out of his own accord when the leash is on probably will try to do that at other times as well. -Dr. Kat Miller, Director of ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research



Author: foguth

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9 thoughts on “Adventure Cat Tips”

    1. LOL Mr. M is sort of a phantom who likes hiding in boxes and Saphera is actually a dog, who behaves more like a cat, while Purrseidon is a cat who loves water. Amazing isn’t quite the word I would have chosen, but it does sort of fit.


  1. My late ginger tabby cat Louie was a great wanderer. I used to walk with him when I let him out rather than try to get him to go on a leash (which he managed to take three seconds to get out of…!). I made videos of a few of those walks (posted on YouTube in phainopepla95), and, now that he is deceased, revisiting those walks with Louie is one of my favorite ways to remember what a wonderful companion he was.

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    1. In years past, when we took our cats on road trips, we never brought a litter box with us, we simply would bring leashes. Rom, etc., never had official lessons on how to walk on a leash, but he traveled quite extensively and had no issues about going on vacation with us.


  2. Our one cat hates to be picked up if she is not in the mood – and you’ve got to be pretty quick even if she is. The best you can do is an arm underneath her (so she is lying along your arm) while all four legs bicycle madly… 😉
    I think if we tried a leash she’d be swinging off it like Tarzan.

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  3. My cats are all old and set in their ways, but if I ever get a young one, I may harness train. Sorry I have been MIA. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for Spooky. XO

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