Outward Hound Doggy Blocks Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy


It’s hot here in Florida and Saphera isn’t getting a lot of exercise. In fact, she’s getting downright chunky, so instead of food, we decided to have her test something that would make her work for treats. Unfortunately, she’s very clever and even though I adjusted the difficulty knob to the most difficult setting, she figured out all four flaps of the Outward Hound Doggy Blocks Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy in the few seconds it took between me setting it on the floor and straightening up to grab my camera.41x3l-6cAwL._AC_US160_.jpg

Having smart pets is both a joy and a frustration.

Saphera loves this toy. She licks and paws at it, even when empty. She has solved the puzzle on all levels (it has “adjustable difficulty knob on bottom”) but no matter what difficulty level I choose, she emptied it in roughly the same amount of time. I noticed that the adjustment knob made it harder to turn (This is a dog that can open the sliding door by nose pressure…) I even set the cups all the way in and she picked them up and moved on with the treats.

Purrseidon is fascinated by this puzzle, but hasn’t figured it out – yet…. she  has been observing Saphera intently. We put dehydrated salmon in the puzzle for the test, which happens to be the favorite treat for both Purrseidon and Saphera.

Mr. M stopped to see what was going on , but noticed all laps where available, for snuggles, so immediately lost interest in the puzzle. Since Mr. M is more of a typical cat, this is probably why the toy is marketed for dogs.13231187_10206324319242870_75148914_n

Chewy.com provided the Outward Hound Doggy Blocks Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy in return for our honest opinion. If your dog is very clever about opening doors, jars and water bottles (Sahpera opens my water bottles with ease), than I doubt if this toy probably would be a worthy challenge. (Saphera can open a locked sliding door quicker than I can, too.) However, if your pet is like Purrseidon, who likes toys and loves figuring out problems, but isn’t quite as proficient as Saphera, they will probably be interested in this…. I know this is supposedly a dog toy and Purrseidon is a cat, but IMHO, that is a matter of semantics.

The product’s description says, “This puzzle contains four square treat chambers, accessible by removing the cups covering each compartment. Once all four cups have been removed, your pup must learn to rotate the top section of the toy in order to expose more treats! Several scent holes trigger your dog’s natural curiosity. Every dog’s a winner with Doggy Blocks! Bring out the genius in your dog with this interactive, treat-seeking puzzle and exercise toy.”

Key Benefits

  • Interactive, treat-seeking doggy fun
  • Keeps your pup playing longer
  • 4 treat-hiding cups
  • 8 treat chambers total
  • Adjustable difficulty knob on bottom
  • Made with durable food-safe plastic
  • BPA, PVC, & phthalate free

If you’d like to read more reviews by my furiends, please go to the Chewy.com Blog Hop, which is hosted by Golden Woofs and OZ the Terrier:



Author: foguth

Though Jeanne began her career technical writing, her love of romantic-suspense, whether it be present, future or in an unknown galaxy inspired her to write the novels she wanted to find in bookstores. Since marrying, Jeanne and her husband have lived from the arctic to the tropics, as well as from yacht to off-grid mountain home. She loves using vivid colors and flowing shapes in her oil paintings as well as creating edible landscapes. At present, she is finishing writing the Chatterre Trilogy and working on a new episode for The Sea Purrtector Files. You can always find out what she is working on and/or contact her at: www.jeannefoguth.com.

10 thoughts on “Outward Hound Doggy Blocks Spinner Puzzle Dog Toy”

    1. Exactly! Purrseidon is pals with many dogs and view Saphera as a surrogate mom, so in many ways, she acts very odd for a cat (this horrifies poor Mr. M), so I wasn’t surprised how fascinated she was by the puzzle.


    1. The camera was out, all I did was bend down to put the puzzle on the floor, straighten up, grab the camera and poof, she’d already opened it all, destroying the intended photo shoot. I should have remembered how quick she is at solving things and had one of the munchkins put it on the floor while I focused the camera … Live and learn.


    1. Being able to watch them figure it out would have been fun. I was foolish enough to think that a dog, who some call Houdini, would be challenged by the most difficult setting… or else, we should have put a treat inside that wasn’t her favorite… She had fun with it, and Purrseidon is fascinated by it, so that counts.


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