Cats & Dogs: Chronic Kidney Disease


I am interested in this topic because my beloved Mr. M has issues with this. We believe this began during his feral years and know that it continues because he does not like to drink fluids…. Trying to help him has created a number of conflicts … Anyone who has ever tried to medicate a cat will understand that even a listless cat can turn into a whirling dervish of killer claws when he realizes someone intends to force medicine down his throat.

The only complaint I have with this info-graphic is that they tell what treatments to try, but not how to successfully administer them.

Anyone have suggestions?



Author: foguth

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2 thoughts on “Cats & Dogs: Chronic Kidney Disease”

  1. Sorry Mr. M has kidney troubles. Not sure what kind of meds you give him, but I have tried it all. Millie gets his thyroid pill tossed in his mouth then I blow in his nose so he will swallow, I put Polar Bear’s in a piece of lunch meat or chicken and I used to crush Spooky’s and put it in his canned food. Depending on how much Mr. M. likes treats, there are pillpocket ones that are soft to put the treat inside of. Good luck.

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    1. All good suggestions… do you know any tricks to get cats to drink water? He isn’t particularly fond of kibble or hard things, though he loves his little silvervine stick… he seems to have as much of a phobia against water as Purrseidon has an obsession for the stuff.


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