How to Move House with Your Cat


Gabriell recently needed to move and after spending a considerable amount of the time worrying about how the cats would react to their new home, he came up with a viable (an smart) plan.  Now, he has put his experience into an excellent info-graphic and given me permission to share it with you.  The info-graphic gives advice for what do before, during and after the move. It also includes a section on this content piece is a practical guide taking the readier through all the basic things they can do, from preparing their move, planning how they will move their possessions and what to do on the day.


Gabriell posted the original graphic here:


Author: foguth

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7 thoughts on “How to Move House with Your Cat”

  1. As someone who has moved with cats many times – the only thing I would add to those excellent suggestions is this: If you let your cats outside (which I no longer do having lost 2 cats to cars) spread some of your cat’s dirty cat litter under the bushes around the house. This helps to imprint their own scent on their house and they know where home is. I have always segregated the cats in their own room on moving day with not only verbal warnings to everyone involved to DO NOT ENTER! but also a big sign on the door as well. The cats are always the last ones to leave the old house and the first ones to enter the new house – into their own room – until all helpers have gone home and the house is quiet. Great post!!

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    1. I’ve heard of the litter box idea when I cat gets out, as a way to find his/her way home, but it’s a great idea to ‘mark’ the new home at the start, too.


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