Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food


Due to the fact that Saphera is still on a strict diet, we chose to review Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food, which went well with her diet. Chewy.com sent us 18 @ 12.5 ounce cans of Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food ( 6 each of Chickent & Sweet Potato; Turkey & Sweet Potato; and Duck & Sweet Potato) in return for an honest review. I like how they all have sweet potatoes in them since it is a fall-type-food and Saphera loves sweet potatoes, which are very healthy.  p1190511

Saphera loved Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food, and Purrseidon was quite peeved that she wouldn’t share. She choose Chicken and sweet potatoes for her first taste-test and went back half a dozen times after cleaning her bowl to re-lick it, then walked by me smiling and wagging her whole back half.. I interpret that as a definite four paws up.

Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food optimizes your dog’s nutritional needs and it’s made in the USA, so you know there has been good quality-control. Wellness recipes contain all-natural, protein-rich products, which support whole-body health and balanced nutrition. They do not contain corn, wheat or soy and are healthy for all ages.

Saphera is a Chewy Influencer and received no compensation for this post. She is helping spread the word about Chewy.com products and services but we only share information we feel is relevant to other pet-parents.

Chewy.com was founded by people who are passionate about pets. They make the process of finding food, treats and other pet supplies easy – and they deliver it right to your door. When I order from Chewy.com, I always find what I need. Chewy.com has warehouses located all over the country so products are delivered to your cat or dog quickly and efficiently. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products so if for some reason you are not satisfied, just call one of the Chewy.com 24/7 customer care specialists and they pay to ship the item back. Chewy.com also auto-ships pet food and supplies you need on a regular basis and for a slightly reduced price.

Disclaimer: Saphera is a Spokespet for Chewy.com. Each month she receives a new product in return for an honest review. I am a petparent, not a veterinarian or pet specialist. This post is based on my petspersonal experience.

Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food comes in a case of 18 @ 12.5 ounce cans and is currently $46.95 (regular price 66.99) – that’s a 30% savings! Plus, you get FREE 1-2 Day Shipping on all orders over $49.

This post is part of Sugar and Ozs chewy influencer blog hop. Thank you to both of them for hosting it. chewybloghop_badgeorig-300x300


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24 thoughts on “Wellness Variety Pack Canned Dog Food”

      1. Saphera is now 7 (we think – she was a feral we caught). Until this year, she never needed a diet, either. I don’t know if it’s because of her age or the fact that she doesn’t seem to be running around as much.

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      1. We have a little fatty, Toffee, who has very fluffy leggings. It looks like petticoats flouncing when she turns on her heel in disgust. This was a street cat who ate scraps from the streets of Egypt…

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