Former U.K. Ambassador Visits Assange

In his article, Craig Murray states. “I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any th.jpgRussian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.”

You can read the compete article here.

BTW, another interesting sentence said, “The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact.”

IMHO, other countries have a more objective grasp of what is going on in our country than we do.



Author: foguth

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19 thoughts on “Former U.K. Ambassador Visits Assange”

  1. ‘IMHO, other countries have a more objective grasp of what is going on in our country than we do.’ True true true :). My aunt lives in California and believes any propaganda she’s spoonfed. It does say something about Hilary when democratic individuals would rather vote for Trump than Clinton…The US is really afraid/hate of Russia don’t they :/

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    1. I believe that anyone who grew up during the “Cold War” years is automatically “trip-loaded” to fear Russia…. And, since by now, they are most likely parents and grandparents, that fear has probably transited generations. Thus, when Obama (or whoever) wants to make like a magician and turn public attention away from something they don’t want seen (or reported), then can point with fear at Russia.
      Trump has said, repeatedly, that he has never met Putin. From what I’ve read, Hillary has met him and he does NOT like her (calls her a ‘war hawk’)
      Frankly, I’ve never met Putin, Obama or Hillary, but of the three, I think I have more respect for Putin, who seems honest.
      I’ve said for years that it was a crime that our cats and dogs got along better than humans could with other humans. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could finally find common ground with Russia?!?


      1. It would. You’d be surprised if you ever saw Russia Today (RT) news channel. Of course they are biased towards Russia (what news channel isn’t biased towards their own country) but the news on comes out very differently than it does on UK based news channels. Our UK banks have now closed RTs accounts for no decent reason, seems the UK is just as scared/hateful of Russia as the US. Honestly I do like Putin, I think with Russia you know the country’s got a level of corruption, but in a sense they are open about it. The west pretends to be all freedom of speech and opinion but it’s not. In a weird way I don’t like Trump but respect him a bit more – at least you know what you get with him, just like with Putin, what you see is what you get.
        Lol, sorry for clogging up your space with a long comment :).

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      2. I totally understand what you mean about Trump and Putin – they aren’t perfect and while I don’t think I would befriend either of them, neither of them seems to pretend to be something they are not. In fact, they both seem sincerely interested in protecting their individual countries and helping them proper.
        That is NOT a job I would want – or would be able to do.
        DO you think that the attitude toward Russia, which you see in the UK, is partially due to realigning alliances during Brexit? BTW, how is that going for you?
        IMHO, if Trump wins, our country will go through a major adjustment, similar to your Brexit…. I also think it will be a lot worse if Clinton wins, but the change will be more gradual.

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      3. I’m not sure if brexit is to blame but Britain does seem more keen on keeping their ‘special relationship’ with the US than with Europe. Personally the feeling towards a lot of eastern Europeans, especially poles, has been has but it depends on where you live. Unfotunatly I’m living in an area where there are a lot of small minded individuals who think anyone with a polish accent or surname shouldn’t be living here – even if they are now a british citizen. I was born in the UK, have a British accent but my surname’s polish and it’s becoming an issue with some people. :/ Apart from that the pound plummeted the minute everyone voted for Brexit. The silly part is that the percentage of the vote for leaving was very small and it was a referendum which doesn’t mean a done deal, the politicians could run another vote or choose to ignore it if they wanted to. I don’t think that such a small percentage should count, especially when so many people were ignorant to the voting itself or the consequences (most propaganda, I mean leafleting, was for the Leave side).
        Just out of curiosity, we had it shown on a comedy program that pokes fun at news stories…it can’t be good to have a presidential candidate that doesn’t know where Aleppo is 😮

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      4. I believe that Johnson, the Libertarian candidate is the one who didn’t know about Aleppo and no one expects him to get more than 2-3 % of the votes…. I don’t know if he would get that many IF the two candidates from the main parties didn’t seem so inappropriate.
        Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of political blogs (and look forward to the election being over, because I prefer pet information).
        IMHO, the media is not being unbiased, and I’m trying to balance this out… I can NOT imagine how HRC can legally run for office with her track record. Trump is not a politician, and as I study him, I think he has a grasp of the situation & I dare hope that he can inspire the needed changes….
        IF he can, I wager that we’ll see improvements on ‘both sides of the pond’.

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      5. I think being a businessman he at least knows how to talk to people and negotiate which is better than just ignoring a situation or stating some political spin, that’s how I see it.Anyway…. Indeed pet stuff is far more interesting! 🙂 Kitty news especially welcome :D!


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