Mike Pence Vs. Tim Kaine

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When Mike Pence Was Sworn In As Governor Of Indiana In January 2013, The Unemployment Rate Of Indiana Was 8.4%,  The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, As Jund, The Unemployment Rate Of Indiana Has Been Nearly Cut In Half To 4.8%, The Bureau Of Labor Statistics,


th-2 While Tim Kaine was Governor Of Virginia:  In January 2006, The Unemployment Rate Of Virginia Was A Low 3.2% The Bureau Of Labor Statistics & when heeft The Governor’s Office In January 2010, The Unemployment Rate Of Virginia was 7.4% The Bureau Of Labor Statistics,


Pence Signed Into Law A 5 Percent Reduction In Indiana’s State Income Tax  Tax Policy Center,

  • AND Legislation Also Killed Indiana’s Inheritance And Estate Tax. Tax Policy Center,


th-2 Kaine  Introduced His Tax Increase Proposal Less Than A Week after being sworn in & Proposed $4 Billion In Increased Taxes For Virginians.  Politifact 

  • Governor Kaine Proposed A Tax Increase On People Earning As Little As $17,000 A Year.  Politifact 


Governor Pence Increased The State’s School Voucher Program To Make It One Of The Largest In The Country. The New York Times,
He Also Signed Into Law One Of The Largest Infrastructure Spending Programs In Indiana Without Raising Taxes. Land Line Magazine

AND Proviced Pre-Kindergarten Tuition A Top Legislative Priority, And Passed The First Such Program In Indiana’s History. ChalkBeat, 3/13/14)


th-2 Tim Kaine’s Lack Of Accomplishments Is Stark, Ranking Him In “The Bottom Quartile” Of Governors Rasmussen

Several Attempts To Pass Transportation Reform Failed. The New York Times


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4 thoughts on “Comparison”

  1. I don’t trust unemployment statistics, they don’t take into account the people that just gave up like my hubby. He was laid off in 2009 and couldn’t find a job that would pay anything close to what he had made so he just says he is retired now ( he is 62). I think lot of people older than him have done this.

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    1. I agree with your opinion … I think the true figure is a lot higher.
      What’s worse (MHO) is that the way our current legislation is, it is often better financially for people not to work – if they get a job without good benefits, they then need to pay for quite a bit of stuff, which they could get ‘free’ if they were unemployed. I don’t know how to fix the system, but know it needs to be repaired.


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