Lies and Deception…


Are we seeing more lies and deception? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since I we saw Hillary’s campaign do something similar during her battle with Bernie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: Just before the primary in California, the news leaked a story that Hillary already had all the votes she needed. She didn’t. In fact, she desperately needed those California votes. SO, she or someone equally desperate for her to win, announced that she’d already won. IMHO, they did this because a lot of people want to be on the winner’s side, so I believe that many, who would have voted for Bernie, gave up and voted for the one who had supposedly won. And she got the voted she needed. th

Now, Comey is telling us that in just over a week of searching 650,000 emails that his ruling from last July stands?!? Dick Morris tells why this announcement is not credible. And it sounds like another big, desperate lie to me, too.

IMHO, Comey’s announcement is even more suspicious because FOX news reported that the emails are not duplicates; they could be some of the 33,000 which were presumed to have been deleted and ‘bleached’; some new emails are related to activities of the Secretary or State…. 5e902c27b8dcfc7d7422ec9a429155e4 Thus, Comey’s announcement sounds more like he or someone near and dear are being threatened by a very desperate person. 

I, for one, can not understand why anyone would want to be President, much less desperate to be elected, but then I don’t want to be super rich or have power over others, as Hillary seems to. Her donors have invested amazing amounts in her, and I’m sure they want to see results, too… I also would NOT want to be beholding to them!


I urge you to think about Comey’s announcement. Was it logical? Or is the timing suspicious?  

I also urge you not to take poll numbers you see on the media at face value. IMHO, if the democrats were ahead, as the media claims, there would be huge turnouts at their rallies. However, as I already mentioned, a few days ago, when Kaine held a rally here in Florida and the media reported “a small line”, a total of 24 individuals actually showed up. (The way I hear it, they said ‘small line’ when there were only 3 people.) Meanwhile, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, lots more went to see/hear Pence: cwxob3bxeaixa8p

Also, don’t forget that Jill Stein has endorsed Trump/Pence… I doubt that is reflected in those suspicious poll numbers, either.

Please vote for the person you want to lead our country.



Author: foguth

Though Jeanne began her career technical writing, her love of romantic-suspense, whether it be present, future or in an unknown galaxy inspired her to write the novels she wanted to find in bookstores. Since marrying, Jeanne and her husband have lived from the arctic to the tropics, as well as from yacht to off-grid mountain home. She loves using vivid colors and flowing shapes in her oil paintings as well as creating edible landscapes. At present, she is finishing writing the Chatterre Trilogy and working on a new episode for The Sea Purrtector Files. You can always find out what she is working on and/or contact her at:

6 thoughts on “Lies and Deception…”

    1. I suspect we both will, but will we like the direction our country is headed?
      I, for one, have not lost faith and dare to believe that people are smart enough to believe what they see instead of the lies which are reported.

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