Christmas Pets

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If you know anyone who plans to get Christmas pets as gifts, please remember that they will not stay babies, so choose one that will fit your long-term lifestyle. And remember, when you adopt a Christmas Pet, you’ve made a
“Paw Pact” that means forever.

See Paw Pact info-graphic below:16 - 1 copy.jpg


Author: foguth

Though Jeanne began her career technical writing, her love of romantic-suspense, whether it be present, future or in an unknown galaxy inspired her to write the novels she wanted to find in bookstores. Since marrying, Jeanne and her husband have lived from the arctic to the tropics, as well as from yacht to off-grid mountain home. She loves using vivid colors and flowing shapes in her oil paintings as well as creating edible landscapes. At present, she is finishing writing the Chatterre Trilogy and working on a new episode for The Sea Purrtector Files. You can always find out what she is working on and/or contact her at:

24 thoughts on “Christmas Pets”

  1. …and never, never, never give someone a gift of a pet without first establishing that they are capable of serving that pet’s medical, physical, and emotional needs! Better yet, don’t give pets as gifts.

    Pet selection needs to be a personal journey, with the person wanting a pet going to the shelter and finding the one animal that interacts pleasantly with them, and is a breed or of a nature that the person getting the animal can handle.

    A child may not be mature enough to handle the responsibilities of pet ownership, for example. Giving a replacement pet to someone who lost a pet seems a friendly gesture, yet they may not be ready for a new pet emotionally ort they may have reached a stage of life where they are ready not to have any new pets because of the emotional, financial, or physical strains a new pet put on them.

    As for pets that have specific needs a gifted person might not be able to handle, terriers, for example, require lots of activity to be happy, so aren’t a good choice for someone not willing to spend lots of time playing with them and walking them to wear that energy down. A long-haired cat requires lots of brushing to keep down mats, which can affect the health of the animal and impair physical movement if allowed to take over. That takes time! Then there’s the play time all pets require to varying degrees that contributes to their happiness and emotional health.

    All pets have legally required expenses: tags and vaccinations. They have other expenses that may not be obvious at first for how much they will be: food, treats, toys, beds, emergency veterinary expenses – especially if the person allows the pet to go outside without supervision!

    Other concerns, such as limitations on pets in an apartment or neighbors who are intolerant of cats or dogs, can’t be ignored.

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      1. Last summer, a male cat I called Bigio πŸ˜€
        Now he’s living at the local shelter because he is not neutered. I could not keep him, he always fought with the neighbour’s male cat Boscov and did not want to stay indoor.
        Pawkisses πŸ˜€

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      1. In my experience, holidays, particularly Christmas when the theme is give-give-give, can make people put common sense aside. SO, they ‘fall for’ puppy or kitty eyes and don’t think about how the animal will actually fit (or if it will fit) into their lifestyle.

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