Victor Super Premium Dog Food

 Saphera loved Victor Super Premium Dog Food. Purrseidon helped take photos, since that is the only aspect of this review she was allowed to participate in. “She was not happy, since she thinking she should be allowed to test all reviewed items…. (Mr. M says the box was up to Chewy’s primo standards.)20170313_202924
Getting back to Victor Super Premium Dog Food – we read the product description: “Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables in Gravy Canned Dog Food brings a delicious dose of flavor to your dog’s mealtime. This tasty, natural dog food has added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients to keep your four-legged friend in peak health, with absolutely no grains…. Ingredients like egg, carrots and flaxseed contribute to overall health, boosting everything from eye health and muscle health to skin and coat health, plus so much more.” As many of you know, Saphera has been on a diet since last Spring (yes, nearly a year), when we realized that the only slim things about her were her legs and face…. In other words, after she shed her winter coat, she was still way too round. SO, Saphera was put on a diet – the vet suggested giving her a lot of veggies. Since she actually likes veggies, this wasn’t a major problem, but the reduced quantity was not something she appreciated… apparently, between meals, treats, table scraps and kids (not to mention Purrseidon) giving her tastes, she had been consuming about twice as much as a dog her size needs… and  for months, we thought it was fur…
Victor Super Premium Dog Food has a few veggies in it but not as many as I’d hoped. I 20170313_203040prefer more veggies but that is a matter of personal preference. It came out of the can pretty easily and smelled like people food. I would have preferred something made in the USA, but the vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients are good. And they obviously taste good, too… Purrseidon tried to sneak a bite but Saphera kept moving the bowl away. (As I previously mentioned, Purr was not happy, as she thought it was another review for her or that her sister would share.) 20170313_203114Unfortunately, since the diet began, Saphera does not share much. In fact, she licked her bowl completely clean so Puurrseidon did not even get a taste. 20170313_202944
Victor Super Premium Dog Food is healthy, which we love and nonfatten which we need. (Since she loved them so much we are making them a special meal, so I put some cans aside for picnics and puppy sitters.)

Disclaimer: As members of Chewy‘s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Saphera only shares products and information that she believes are of interest to readers.

Chewy revamped their website so you can get supplies for your fur-babies and non-furry pets, too. Chewy always has great prices, and a wide selection of products, plus they provide speedy free shipping for orders of $49.00 or more. They also have reasonable shipping rates for smaller orders. You can set up an auto ship so you never run out of your pets favorites (you can skip, cancel or delay these, too – Chewy’s customer Service is tops).



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