“Trials” Against All Behind COVID Scam

Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.

In this respect, it is worth recalling that Reiner Fuellmich is the lawyer who succeeded in condemning the automobile giant Volkswagen in the case of the tampered catalytic converters. And it is this same lawyer who succeeded in condemning Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise…. For the complete article, please click here.

Author: foguth

Though Jeanne began her career technical writing, her love of romantic-suspense, whether it be present, future or in an unknown galaxy inspired her to write the novels she wanted to find in bookstores. Since marrying, Jeanne and her husband have lived from the arctic to the tropics, as well as from yacht to off-grid mountain home. She loves using vivid colors and flowing shapes in her oil paintings as well as creating edible landscapes. At present, she is finishing writing the Chatterre Trilogy and working on a new episode for The Sea Purrtector Files. You can always find out what she is working on and/or contact her at: www.jeannefoguth.com.

5 thoughts on ““Trials” Against All Behind COVID Scam”

    1. I can’t wake a lot of people, either…. Have concluded that some simply have been too programed by Operation Mockingbird or one of the other mind control programs…. I’m betting that some of them will go to their grave swearing black is white and up is down. Poor people! My conclusion is that IF they can be saved, they’ll need to discover the truth for themselves.
      Whoever said something to the effect of ‘It is easier to make others believe a lie than to convince them that they have been conned.’ really knew what they were talking about because getting some to see the whole picture or even how some ‘puzzle pieces’ fit while others seem to belong to some other puzzle is a heck of a lot harder than I ever imagined it should be!


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