Animal Shelter Database

Shelter Animals Count is a new, collaborative initiative of animal welfare stakeholders and advocates. They have created a national shelter animal database, designed to provide facts and raise awareness about the plight of shelter animals in the US. 4,448 shelters across the US are participating in this large-scale effort to track and analyze shelter animal […]

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TOP 10 Poker-Playing Pets

Ten Cute Animals Playing Poker With Their Owners MoneyWhile it might raise a smile or two, these ten naughty animals are all gambling away their owner’s money! How do I know this? Because pets don’t have money, so they must have got it from somewhere. But it’s hard to be mad at them when they…

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How to Vacation with your Pet

8a0bc1026507acf5688b71d13950b649It’s another Friday & many will be taking a mini-vacation over the weekend…. Did you know that 189 MILLION people in the US  traveled with their pets in 2010? I didn’t, but have always brought the fur-babies along, which is how Purrseidon discovered the Atlantic, but that’s another story. This info-graphic offers good advice for what to pack as well as a reminder for how hot it can get inside a vehicle. So, have a great weekend & be safe 😉ec3c776675f25be4a8521e51a7f8f9eb

Did you Know?

6fec80a1c593b88ea950d6828f107419Did you know it wasn’t a good idea to discipline a pet by shouting its name? So while this feline jpg looks like a joke ( and is amusing) it is also a good idea to have a middle name for your pets and emphasize that, when they make mischief…

Also did you know that dogs can smell when you’re sick, look into your eyes fo clues on how to behave  or that their hearing is so acute that the sound of rain can be distracting?



534352fa9bf0a999ebf0664e4f019c60One final thought – shared by Cherie:slide.003