Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats


In January, Purrseidon swiped a sweet potato treat that Saphera was testing and loved it, but was not allowed to review a dog treat… in February, she commandeered a doggie dental bone (which she still has and chews on) but was not allowed to review that, either – again, this item is solely marketed for dogs, so we don’t think it’s proper for a cat to review a dog product.

SO, this month the plan was to allow Purrseidon to be an official tester along with Saphera. With this in mind, Chewy sent Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats, which are marketed for both cats and dogs.

Excellent plan, right?

Wrong! The only time that contrary cat got close to the treats was when she supervised the unpacking of the box. She then claimed the box and ignored the taste test.


I suspect that if the treats had been solely advertised for dogs, the above picture would show a cat flying by as she swiped the treat

Has there ever been such a contrary cat?!?

Tundra Freeze-Dried Treats are nearly odorless  and Saphera liked them. (I think she was a bit confused by the lack of competition for them, though.) In short, Saphera recommends Orijen’s Thundra Freeze-Dried DOG Treats and is pleased that she didn’t need to share with the cat. P1170280.JPG

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Purrrfect Paella Stew

A few days ago, I asked you to guess what was in this month’s Chewy box.P1170162.JPGDid you guess that Chewy had sent Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. M a case (12 cans) of Natural Balance Delectable Delights Purrrfect Paella Stew?  Mr. M spent many years (don’t know how many) as a feral and his teeth aren’t the best, so we suspected that he would appreciate testing wet food, which doesn’t require much chewing. P1170177.JPG

Purrrfect Paella Stew has a mild smell and is not as bad as most foods containing fish. I love how they considered a cats’ natural diet and health in creating their line of cat food.P1170221.JPG

The cats devoured Delectable Delights. In fact, Mr. M licked both plates clean several times, even though Purrseidon had polished her plate.P1170184.JPG

In short, both Purrseidon and Mr. M would tell you that the name, Delectable Delights, is very appropriate.


Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Variety Pack

Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Variety Pack Canned Cat Food was a hit. First off, can I say I love the name and labels’ designs?
When these arrived I was surprised to see some new flavors and sad that the cans were so small. (I usually split a can between Mr M and Ms. Purrsiedon and still have left overs). However, these were so small that I thought I needed one can per cat. I was wrong. Despite the size, one shared can filled them up.P1160784.JPG
This cat food almost looks like kitty stew. There is not a flavor yet that they have tried and did not go crazy for. There were a few that had a strong aroma but none were offensive. In fact when they were testing the tilapia, Master Munchkin came in to see what I was cooking that smelled so good. (He was disappointed when he was not invited to participate in the taste test.)… As you can see, Mr. M., who is generally our phantom cat, volunteered to participate in this test and would have given Tiki Cat four paws up, if it hadn’t meant that he’d need to stop eating to do that.P1160789.JPG
Purrseidon would like to tell you that she approved so much that she licked her bowl clean.

Feline Greenies Dental Treats

This month Purrseidon tested Feline Greenies Dental Treats for Chewy.com. These treats are bigger then most cat treats and smell much better.P1160802.JPG  
There was a generous amount in the bag and I suspect they will last for awhile.  Purr thought these were worth waking up from a sunbath-nap to nibble. She has asked for more a few times since the original test – she ‘asks’  by tossing the bag on the floor, then waiting for it to be opened. These have been the biggest hit with her of anything that was made for cat.

Mister M, showed no interest in them, which is typical. Frustrating, but typical. The dear old guy lived on the street so many years that his teeth aren’t the best and he loves wet food, since it is easier for him to eat. If he’d had this sort of treat in his younger years, perhaps he wouldn’t have some of his current dental issues. Too bad we weren’t able to ‘catnap’ him earlier.

Dental Dog Bones


Since February is Dental Care Month, Saphera and Purrseidon volunteered to help Chewy.com test dental chews/treats. They began with Health Extension Dental Dog Chew Though these are dog chews, Purrseidon  seemed more excited about the Dental Bones than Saphera. (Fortunately, this was not a repeat of last month’s sweet potato treat fieasco.) When I opened the Health Extension Dental Dog Chew package,  both were suddenly at my feet,P1160832.JPG 
so I let Saphera sniff one.  Purrseidon used my focus on Saphera as an opportunity to rush in and grab one. Poor Saphera was really concerned about this, until I gave her one, too … Purr seemed really unsure about Saphera having one, but let it pass. Though Purr frequently chews on her’s she doesn’t actually eat it. We often wonder if she thinks she is a cat-dog hybrid or something because half the time, she acts more like a dog then a cat … Seriously, how many cats have you met that bring you their leash, so you’ll take them for a walk and/or beg to play in water?!? For that matter, how many cats have their own life preserver, harness and leash?
These dental chews smell great and they feel kind of rubbery so I would recommend them to people whose dogs love rubber toys. Saphera, who is picky, seemed to like them which is a good thing, however she prefers the sweet potato treats. But I guess the point in dental treats is her dental health and I don’t think the sweet potato treats are good for dental hygiene. Since the Dental Dog Chews are more then just treats, they do not need to be an all-time-favorite reward. 
I consider them to be medium size, which is why there is only one picture of Saphera eating one  – the whole thing fit in her mouth and it took her about 5 minutes to finish it. P1160833.JPG
I do not recommend these for cats because they are designed for dogs, however,  Miss Purr still has  the one she grabbed and since she loves chewing on it, I have no intention of taking it away. I would love it if the company offered something similar for cats.
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