Meet Merlin

White-Cat-213x300Xander ‘the Kamakazi’ de Hunter and Merlin ‘the Moron’ Fraser became friends when Merlin’s sister, Cha-cha went missing shortly after a kickboxing tournament near Merlin’s home in Seattle. (Kamakazi Xander won.) Merlin insisted on helping find his sister and Xander soon realized that Merlin knew Cha-cha’s habits and the NW area very well. Furthermore, Merlin’s ‘water skills’ were vital for saving Cha-Cha. Xander is still grateful no reporters were around to record the rescue. Xander began working on his water skills shortly after that episode, but got serious about it after moving aboard Whispurring Winds, where knowing how to swim became vital on a daily basis.

Merlin’s seafaring skills would have made him the ideal candidate to become the first sea purrtector, but due to his very public work in cat food commercials, few knew the ‘real Merlin’ and most believed he was a ‘brainless pretty boy’. In the days prior to the election, where Xander was running unopposed, all cats expected him to win North America’s Continental Purrtector, though many wondered aloud why he considered ‘The Moron’ to be a close friend.

When Xander’s home was sold and he moved aboard the Whispurring Winds, he requested that his name be removed from the ballot. Catamondo was in chaos. Petitions were quickly submitted and seven names were put on the ballot.

The election ended in a tie between Ms. Fluffy Morgan and Merlin Fraser…

Emotions remained high until Catamondo’s Counsel decreed that Merlin, who lived on the West Coast would f0e46be4f7ba7ad252ffe05914e09f7abecome North America’s West Coast Purrtector and Ms. Fluffy of Charleston, South Carolina, would become North America’s East Coast Purrtector… Fluffy, who has never actually met Merlin, still believes the rumor that he had a series of scientific cat humor photos published to make others think he was smart enough to handle the position. Those were actually photo-shopped by another candidate in an attempt to discredit him.

Merlin and Xander remain friends and Xander frequently asks both Merlin and Fluffy for assistance with information and advice on how to handle certain cases. (Isn’t the internet and Catamondo’s technology wonderful?)

In his official capacity, Kamikaze Xander advises his humans to anchor where he needs to assist cats in trouble. You can find him in your favorite bookstore OR read the first chapter of his book by clicking on the cover of either of his novels, below OR visit my website for news about all my books.redclawcover



Purrseidon’s New Life Vest

P1100182The life vest arrived, today and as soon as the box was unpacked, Ms. Purr had to try it on. It fit purrfectly 😉 So, she ran to the door, which is where she is at in this photos… guess she thought we’d head directly to the beach to go bogie boarding… Maybe soon. Does anyone else have a kitten, who is obsessed with water and water sports?


Video: Funny behind the scenes with Archie the Cat

Video: Funny behind the scenes with Archie the Cat. Never thought I’d find a blog about a ‘real life Merlin’ , but I was wrong. The only differences seem to be that my fictional Merlin has emerald eyes, is a Norwegian and does ads for “Elegant Eats”.  I plan to do a blog about Merlin this coming Friday.