Tips & Tricks: Cat treats versus poison #infographic

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Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share an infographic from Vet-Medic

We sure all know the moments when our cats come up to us and make these cute cuddly faces to demand to have a share of our food. But what exactly is good for them and what is not?

cat-treat-vs-poisonWe hope you enjoyed this infographic! The original can be found here.

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Cat ‘Furniture’


Kiara, who designed my last three covers (and is working on the up-coming cover for Purr-a-nois), just got her cats an 8′ indoor tree… she reported that they love it. While I do not have a photo of that, I was able to get several photos on Pinterest that show either cat furnishings or how some cat-afficionados have remodeled their homes:

rooms1 room3 rooms2 perch

Cats + Birds

Mount EverestFor years, the common assumption has been that if you let your cat outside, it will kill all your birds. Perhaps that is true of some cats, but obviously not all. For instance, the cat at the left looks like he is wearing a thinking bird – perhaps with the bird’s thought is ‘you will not eat me’, but the poor cat looks like s/he is thinking ‘if you don’t get off, you will regret it’.

I also found the cat & bird below on Pinterest (where else?). It looks like these two were raised together, so learned to be friends. Simon, the Jamaican Purrtector must be very pleased to know that he is not the only cat with a bird friend.


Cats & Deer

catwithfawnIt is a common misconception that cats kill for the sake of killing  … this is not true.

Not only are ‘regular cats’ capable of seeing deer as friends, even their big ‘cousins’ apparently follow the ‘law of the wild’ and – according to photos, below – only kill when hungry.

This is why one of Xander’s basic beliefs in the Sea Purrtector Files is that he needs to ‘see beyond species and look at the other’s core traits. He has had some unexpected allies. This also means a cat could even be a villain…

Found on

Cat Saves Baby!

TGIFThe New York Post has a fantastic article about Masha, a hero-cat who saved a baby from freezing.

Masha has the qualities that Catamondo looks for in Purrtectors and I am sure Xander would be proud to know her.

If you click on the Sea Purrtector Files below, it will take you to the complete story at the New York Post.


10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

THursdayI love Pinterest and the interesting information/pictures I find there!

( I also question if these 10 points are valid for all cats – for instance, #4, tail twitching at the tip –  when Rom did that, he was usually looking out the window and making odd sounds to birds. So I interpreted the tip of his tail twitching as “I want to eat you”. Come to think of it, I guess that could also mean ‘I love you, preferably stuffed and roasted’)


The Green Cat


One finds the strangest things on Pinterest! If I had found this one on March 17th, I would have suspected a St. Patrick’s Day prank – and I can not exclude that possibility since I don’t know when the photos were taken and/or how long the photos were there before I stumbled upon them.