Crate Training 101


Our daughter swears by the crate training method, so I investigated this. Even though I have no need to train a puppy, I found it very interesting, so am sharing this info-graphic with you.

How did we find these pretty, yet educational posters prior to Pinterest?



Smells that Cats HATE

B_6htkcUgAAHnM7Ever notice your beloved fur-baby wrinkling his/her nose over something?  Apparently, whoever designed this info-graphic paid close attention to when/where kitties displayed their disgust.

While I was not surprised that litter-boxes were included on the disliked list, I was surprised that ‘danger’ was there.  I had no idea that danger had a specific smell.

If cats have 40X more odor sensitive cells, I wonder how that compares to dogs…


A Taxing Time


Well, I decided I couldn’t put off dealing with the 1040 any longer, so, today it ‘the day’… My daughter emailed me the jpg above and suggested that I hire Grumpy Cat do the math – she is very impressed with Grumpy’s command of finances. If I get too bogged down, I just might 😉

Since I’m thinking about finances, I decided to  share the info-graphic below, which shows the theoretical annual cost of various pets.


Two more BFFs


I never get tired of seeing pictures of various species getting along. That said, I am very tired of hearing news headlines about ‘the war of the week’ or why certain segments of humanity are can’t seem to accept the differences of others.

Earlier today, I read a short blog that questioned why we humans assume that our pets share our religious beliefs. That certainly got me thinking! The immediate conclusion I came up with was that if cows have a religion, they would be wises to be Buddhists 😉

That said, the culture that I base The Red Claw/Catamondo is written on has Bastet as the cat god and  Hathor as the  goddess of the sky, love, beauty, etc., including the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. Dogdom, on the other paw worships  Anubis.  So apparently, I have subconsciously been thinking about how our furry loved-ones might view/develop religion.

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Boxed Cats, too

c72d7d8627581d1b45dccef85b8f6daeSome people think that cats in boxes are a cliche. Others claim that cats have a psychological need for boxes.  I don’t know what their reason is, and may never know, but I do know that cats are not the only small creature that likes crawling into boxes.

I gave my granddaughter a Cabbage Patch Baby for her first birthday. She was all happy as she opened the box, hauled out the doll, then got in the box. Now, I don’t know if I should skip the gifts and just find a nice box.