Tips for House-training Your Dog

mime-attachment130Some things are always a challenge. House-training is one.  Hope some of these tips help!



DIY Dog Bed – Super Easy NO SEW

luigi & me

Yes, you read that right… a DIY dog bed anybody can make!

Looking for a fun project to do if rainy days and Sundays always get you down? Made a dog bed this weekend and Luigi loved it. Took me about an hour with a glass of wine. You? probably a little quicker. So here we go, an easy to make DIY dog bed… yes with no sewing involved!

DIY dog bed3

You will need:
1)      Pair of scissors
2)      2 squares of t-shirt or polar fleece fabric ( depending on how big you want your dog bed to be, I used 1 m x 1 m square of fabric).
3)      A few needles  to pin the fabric together
4)      1 elastic
5)      Stuffing or clothes you no longer wear
6)      Dressmaking pencil to trace the fabric.


1)      Fold both squares of fabric in 4. Pin the fabric…

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Patterns for Pet Outfits

p-hf_bookplate081.jpgSince posting the info-graphic about what to put in an Emergency Evacuation Kit for your fur-baby, I have been trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to find a pattern for that adorable rain slicker and hat the cat on the chart was wearing.emergencyKIT

That said, I did find a lot of adorable patterns and as you can see, there is a hooded robe, which could be made in another fabric to be a slicker … I am sure this could be altered to fit a cat. I am also sure that Purrsiedon, who has a very odd love for water, would never wear this.

Click on the jpg below to go the the website and choose from many patterns … that said, I shall also warn you to expect Spanish. I shall also advise you not to panic – pictures speak an ‘international language’ and patterns are not much different from pictures, so if you like a pattern, you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring it out. And if worst does come to worst, there is always google translate 😉01c961889cc626e022407eb3c1948ef1

LOL – Cats

20b421ee190c18588d76abcf2e5774e7I didn’t find any particularly riveting info-graphics, so no pressure to post information that might help or improve the quality of life for your beloved fur-baby. SO, I have a day where I can share some smiles.

The Reader’s Digest has assured us for decades that Laughter is the Best Medicine 😉

BTW, before this post, did you know that cat lady starter kits come is two sizes, regular and crazy?





Cat for Sale …

Apparently these owners got a cat to deal with a rodent problem …

AND, apparently, these owners are not aware that the governing body of Catamondo currently has s peace treaty with Dogdom. (They would know this if they read the Sea Purrtector Files.) While there is no official treaty between Catamondo and the rodents, this cat might be an ambassador …