How to Pet a Kitty


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hoho9Some people call mangosteens “The Queen of Fruits”. Even though some claim they are eaten for their taste, others view them as “super-antioxidants.”

The fruit grows on small, tropical, evergreen trees, so it is something Nimri needs to trade for on Market Day.

Mangosteen’s properties can reduce inflammation levels in the body, which is always good, plus, less inflammation lowers the risk for heart disease and diabetes, so it is no wonder that Nimri considers this fruit important enough to hike down the mountain.mangosteen

Various parts of the plant have a history of use in traditional medicine, mostly in Southeast Asia; it may have been used to treat skin infections, wounds, dysentery, and urinary tract infections.

In a rather unrelated (but interesting) note, the rind of the mangosteen fruit can be used to tan leather.

Bengal Cats

hphp11bengal-cats-kittens1Bengals were developed for people who want an exotic look but without the size and danger of a wild cat. However, if what you want a sweet, gentle lap cat or a living sculpture that requires little interaction, do not get a Bengal. Intelligent and curious, Bengals are constantly on the move. In some ways they even are somewhat like dogs in their desire for attention, plus many of them enjoy playing fetch and going for walks on a leash.

Bengal kitten (7 months)Many Bengals are fond of playing in water, and some owners have found them fishing in the aquarium. In fact, these descendants of the water-loving Asian Leopard Cats, revel in the spray from your shower head or may even boldly join you in the bathtub.

The Bengal’s beautiful coat comes in many background colors, ranging from golden, rust, brown and orange to sand, buff and ivory. Bengal spots also vary in color, from rust or cocoa and chocolate brown to charcoal or black.