A Husky who was Raised by a Cat, Etc.

grumpy$$$Well, today is the dreaded April 15th for those of us in the U. S. A. … for followers, who are overseas and do not understand why April 15th is disliked, let me explain: it is income tax day and by midnight tonight each of us needs to send our fiscal information to the government. Would you look forward to that?

Next year, I think I’ll hire Grumpy Cat  to do my taxes – assuming the IRS hasn’t arrested him, that is.

And now for a few smiles courtesy of the Husky who was raised by a Cat:



DIY Home Remedies for Pets

apoticary signI panic when furbabies get sick and or hurt, so was thrilled to discover an info-graphic with tips on what to do as well as which medicines to use, without needing to go to some strange Apothecary, or something. For instance, I had no idea that hydrogen peroxide induced vomiting… that information would have been valuable last week, when Gabe decided Miracle Gro fertilizer was yummy.

Gabe, who lives in North Carolina,  survived his unauthorized snacking, but it is unclear if he learned not to eat Miracle Gro.


DIY Doggy and/or Cat Outfits

53b7c9cf907cf3d3b271bc86b9b6c833I previously shared information on how you can cut down an adult sweater to fit your favorite fur-baby, and today, I’ve found a couple other ideas that look relatively easy. Babies outgrow onesies so quickly, and I love how these can be easily modified for a small dog. 49061142985292fc07777190e4b24f0b

I also love this ruffled dress and would have reblogged that, but it is hosted on blogger, so I have embedded a link in the photo to take you to the specific directions.


PURRtooPurr-a-noia’s rough draft  has been gone over three times, so the worst bits have been dealt with (I hope!). It always amazes me how a story can seem fabulous, as I am initially putting the words on paper, then, when I read it through, after it is complete, I usually wonder what I’ve been thinking when I wrote this or that. I also wonder where I learned to spell, and if I’ve ever heard of grammar…  There is a reason the initial draft is call a rough draft.

Taking the time to edit makes a huge difference. And, at the moment, Purr-a-noia is in the middle of its editing process, which means I have gone over it three times and Paul has gone over it once, so now Kaj, Pauline and P. J. have it. And Kiara is working on the cover.

Purr-a-noia, which is book 2 of The Sea Purrtector Files is on schedule to come out in June.

In case you haven’t read The Red Claw, which is book 1 of The Sea Purrtector Files, Xander de Hunter, is Catamondo’s first Sea Purrtector. During his youth, Xander “The Kamikaze” de Hunter gained fame in Catamundo’s kickboxing tournaments. By age 5, Xander organized techno-savvy cats ee2dfa8d5237b4236f70067cb866ab5fand created Catamundo’s first interactive website, which was a reowsing success. Then, he and his family moved aboard sailing vessel, Whispurring Winds and Catamondo’s Council created a new office and Xander to be the first Sea Purrtector. Thus The Kamikaze organized his new position utilizing all the advanced technology available aboard: single side-band radio; satellite phones, marine radio and of course, the Internet, which he’d become skilled at.

In his official capacity, Kamikaze Xander assists cats wherever he advises his humans to anchor. 

Purr-a-Noia is set in Haiti, land of voodoo and witchcraft …