Purrsideon’s Projects

Ms. Purrsideon is trying to learn to read and type email, as well as play the guitar, so she keeps very busy.

Most kittens play for purr:guitaran hour than take a nice nap. Ms. Purrsideon doesn’t seem to take naps and can play hard for three to four hours in a row. She is definitely giving Mischief something to live up to and that means poor Xander has his paws full.

Her new love is the Instant Messenger Icon, which blinks when tapped … if anyone gets some strange emails, they might be from her, since she is much better at sending than typing.

One thing guaranteed to get her to nap is reading lessons — she can fall asleep in a book in a jiffy!P1010042

Nispero / Loquat

The loquat is a large evergreen shrub, which I am confident Nimri has in her herbal garden images-2because, as well as treating her tribes’ ailments, she also realizes that beauty is food for the soul and nispero, or loquat trees are lovely.

In many countries loquats are considered to be a type of plum. One thing that sets them apart from most fruit trees is that the flowers appear in the autumn or early winter, and their sweet scent can be smelled from a long distance.

The 1 to 2 inch fruits are ripe in late winter or early spring. The tangy flesh is low in saturated fat and sodium, and is high in vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese. Some believe that eating them protects from prostate cancer.

Note: the seeds and young leaves of the plant contain small amounts of cyanide,images so it is not a good idea to nibble on them. That said, in Japan, loquat leaves are made into a beverage known as biwa cha, which is believed to beautify skin and heal inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Biwa cha is also believed to heal chronic respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, which is another reason I believe Nimri has some of these lovely little trees in her herb garden.

Two Weeks Until the Drawing

Reminder: the Sea Purrtector is looking for readers who and are willing to review a feline, young adult suspense novel, which does not have inappropriate language, excessive violence or sex. redclawflyer(Yes, a book can be good without those.)

Anyone who would like to review this book will be sent a Smashwords’ code to get an ebook in their preferred format, I only ask that in exchange for the free download, you post honest reviews on Smashwords and Amazon. If you don’t use both of those two sites, you can post on a blog, Goodreads, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc. Just let me know where you posted the reviews so I can verify your eligibility to be included in the drawing.

Post two reviews for the book by November 15, 2014, to be entered in the drawing on the 16th to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

If you discover The Red Claw is not the book for you, simply let me know. You are under no obligation to review it. A 4 or 5 Star review is NOT required. Simply post an honest review.

Questions? Contact me at j_foguth@yahoo.com or Kaj at KajGraham@gmail.com for details, answers and the free download code.purrtectorfiles

Pomegranates for Good Health

Today is herb day for Nimri, but as I type this blog, I am brewing a pot of pomegranate tea, so my mind is on the health 318629-blackangelbenefits of this exceptional fruit. Even though it was not mentioned in Star Bridge, I am confident that Nimri grows several pomegranate bushes in her herb garden, because they would be excellent for the health of her tribe.

Did you know that many view pomegranates as the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits because of the way they support the immune and cardio-vascular systems while fighting cancer cells?

Pomegranates are also great for the heart because they inhibit the ability of platelets to accumulate, which can cause heart attacks and strokes, plus they lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I have also heard some say that pomegranates relieve or protect against depression and osteoporosis, but I have not seen an actual study on this.

Many clinical findings, including a three-year one done by Aviram M, Rosenblat M, Gaitini D, et al. show a correlation between pomegranate compounds and their positive effect on the cardiovascular system (Clin Nutr 2004;23(3):423-33). In this study, heart patients, with severe carotid artery blockages, were given an ounce of pomegranate juice each day for a year. The participants’ blood pressure lowered by over 12 percent, imagesand there was a 30 percent reduction in atherosclerotic plaque!BTW, the atherosclerotic plaque of the participants who did not take the pomegranate juice rose by 9 percent…

This is one fruit that you can’t afford to exclude from your diet!

The Magical Day of Cats & Halloween

When someone says the word “Halloween”, I think of witches in pointy hats zooming through the night sky on a broomstick, as they chauffeur a black cat on his/her nocturnal rounds. Kiara says she thinks of pumpkins… she loves designing stencils and carving them.

What do you think of?caldronkit

Here are some examples where others have put their thoughts into photos:

Apparently, Ms. Purrsideon was inspired by the jpg at the right and realized that she didn’t need to find a suitable box to sit in … she fell asleep in the bowl, below and a certain stealthy individual, who had “zoombeefied” their doll, thought it would be cute to set up a scene for a picture…. Ms Purrsideon usually likes having her photo taken, but I have it on good authority that the camera click woke her up and she was not happy to discover that doll…


Lastly, when I found the photo of the black cat, below, on Pinterest, I had just begun writing the rough draft for Xander’s second Sea Purrtector story and I knew that I had found the evil villain he would have to deal with… I also realized that story would be about witchcraft. Needless to say, Xander is having a rough time in Haiti.witchdoctorcat

BTW, there are still a couple weeks before the drawing to see which Red Claw reviewer has won the $25. Amazon Gift Certificate.  So, get your 2 reviews posted and contact either me at  j_foguth@yahoo.com or Kaj at KajGraham@gmail.com to let us know where the reviews are, if they are not at Amazon & Smashwords …. and of course, contact either of us for the free download code, if you haven’t gotten it, already.purrtectorfiles

Tea can be healthy in more ways than one.

When people talk about teas for healing, they are generally talking about peppermint for an upset tummy or maybe camomile to relax.. However, I consider tea bags to be medically useful little imagespoultices, and have kept a few Lipton black teabags in our medical supplies for years.

While in Alaska, I also discovered teabag poultices are the best treatment for no-see-em bites. In fact, they are better than anything I found in the pharmacy. Since there were billions of no-see-ems in Alaska and all of them seemed to believe they needed to snack on me, that is when I began traveling with teabags.

Teabags are handy-dandy little compresses that contain tannins, which help shrink swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels. While we were in Alaska, I sunburned also had the misfortune to my eyes – the one thing that gave me relief Unknownwas lying down with a nice saturated teabag on each eye. At the time, I thought it just felt good because the bags were moist and cool, but since then, I’ve learned teabag poultices contain compounds that help reduce inflammation and fight viral and bacterial infection, so by accident, I had used an ideal cure.

Green tea has fewer tannins, the astringent chemicals that help shrink swollen tissues, which is why I keep the black around. BTW, I recently learned teabags are a handy remedy for pinkeye, but I have not had the opportunity (thank goodness!) to test this.

Today is Cat Day!

I have it on the authority of  The top 10 of Anything and Everything that today is Cat Day, and since I intended to blog about cats, anyway, that works for me. Another fact that  The top 10 of Anything and Everything fruittruck  mentioned was that cats can drink seawater! Unlike humans, cats have kidneys that can filter out salt and use the tatptap2water content to hydrate their bodies. And if that wasn’t fishy enough, cats can also hear ultrasonic noises that rodents (and dolphins) make to communicate. I wonder if Xander knew this before moving aboard Whispering Winds. 

Speaking of Whispering Winds Xanser is not having a particularly easy time of it in the Rough draft of the second Sea Purrtector files – he is in Haiti and suffering with dicy transportation, for one thing.

But what bothers him the most is some of the signs he sees —

apoticary sign pawreading

Would it surprise you to learn that I call

the rough draft  Purr-a- Noia?