7 Things

These 7 Things are a departure from my typical blog topics, but IMHO they are very important and need to be passed along. “To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, who you are will speak more loudly to your kids than anything you say.” ~ Eric Grietens, former Navy SEAL and Governor of Missouri Parenting is hard work. Children, by their very nature, lack the emotional and cognitive resources to navigate life without help. They’ll whine, cry, shout, beg, and […]

via Scientists Explain: Parents Who Raise ‘Successful’ Kids Do These 8 Things Differently…successful — Our Better Health

What to do – Stray Cats

What should I do if I find a stray cat? Cats are well known for their independence and love of exploring their surroundings, which sees them wandering as far as they please. However, they may sometimes need a little help finding their way home or indeed, finding a home. If you find a stray cat,…

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