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Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels


P1180056.JPGPurrseidon and Mr. M have eaten Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels Cat Food Pouches every night for a week and so far they have not requested something different. This is amazing.  Usually, after the same flavor a few nights in a row, Mr. M becomes a finicky eater, but he loves these. 

I choose to test Indulgence Morsels for three reasons. 1) Mr. M’s geriatric  teeth aren’t the greatest and he needs softer food; 2) I liked the product’s description: “Wellness Healthy Indulgence gives you a convenient way to keep your cat hydrated while satisfying even the most refined feline palate.Simply open up a pouch and your kitty will come running for the succulent morsels of salmon and tuna in a savory sauce.”; 3) Mr. M has issues with water, and hydration is also an issue with him. 

From what I’ve seen in our week-long test, that product description was spot on. And if you doubt how much Mr. M loves this meal, look below and notice how much is left on his plate! (He and Ms. Purrseidon were served at the same time – if he likes something he gulps it… and then he offers to help the baby clean her plate.)P1180063.JPG

Do not assume that Purrseidon does not like Indulgence Morsels – she does, she simply is not a fast eater. Mr. M developed his eating habits during his feral years  and gulps the good stuff due to past competition. In fact, Ms. P eagerly came out of this tree, when I called her and showed her the pouch.

P1180052.JPG Speaking of these pouches: they take up less room in trash and cabinet, which is very nice.

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“People Food” Your Cat CAN Eat

TGIFI know that I have had quite a few warning blogs on what NOT to feed your fur-baby, so this is one that tells you what is safe. Frankly, I wish I’d discovered Pinterest and their info-graphics years ago, because it could have explained ‘the great cantaloupe war” that erupted between Belle (‘creek salvage puppy’ that became part of our family and grew to 100#) and Rom, who weighed in at 16# …

‘The great cantaloupe war” began shortly after I buried some cantaloupe rinds from breakfast in our compost bit. We never knew who dug them up, but knowing which two were fighting over them was never a mystery. Since neither of them suffered any ill effects from eating them, on subsequent mornings, Rom was given his own cantaloupe rind in the kitchen and Belle got the other three on the front porch. (Hopefully, Rom never knew she got more, because I don’t think he ever acknowledge how much bigger she was than he.)


What is okay – or not – to feed Fluffy:

The poster below was found on

As a side-note, this is where I adopted the name, Fluffy for the US FluffyEaster Easter Seaboard Purrtector, who Xander views as a close friend and advisor. However, within minutes of finding the name, I also saw the  photo at right and decided that beautiful, yet serious face belonged to Xander’s ally,