Saturday Snickers


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img_2214.jpg h3862C3C5.gifHoly Crap Frank, Please Don’t Scare Me Like That.gif

img_2322.jpg I was taught Cats eat rats.... but this..gif img_4416.jpg SMART CAT.gif



Christmas Lights

P1140887.JPGLast night, we went for a drive to see the Christmas lights … as you can see, Ms. Purrseidon enjoyed looking at them.

As per the kitty version on the 12 days of Christmas, I suspect #7 would be her favorite – particularly if she could swim with them…


Let there be Lights!

P1140779.JPGIt’s less than 3 weeks until Christmas, and the tree has been up for a week, but we hadn’t had a chance to put out the outdoor lights. Because we don’t like to waste our time, we checked the lights before taking them outside… Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. M were very helpful in this endeavor. P1140791.JPG

Christmas Tree + Box

Well, it’s been a week and the tree is still standing. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course, we didn’t foresee Purrseidon’s fascination with disassembling the tree skirt, and we certainly didn’t foresee that a tiny frog may or may not have come in with the tree… BUT we think we’ve found a solution that will distract her from the skirt and the frog… a box. Very appropriate to have a Christmas present under the tree, don’t you think?


Now if you look at this from a slightly different perspective, you can see it is also a cozy cubby to relax in for Purrseidon and lookout stand for Mr. M



Frog + Christmas Tree

P1140705.JPGWe’ve got another frog in the house. This one is much smaller and speedier (sorry no photos) than the Cuban frogs we’ve previously found inside. It is also more translucent.  I have no idea how long it has been inside. For all I know, it came with the tree and perhaps Purrseidon’s obsession with the tree-skirt is actually about that tiny little frog.

Having gotten tired of putting the petals back, just to have her undo it, we tried to distract her with a jingle bell … didn’t work.

That said, she still has not attempted to climb the tree.

Catnip Test + Cat Music

Ms. Munchkin discovered a whole youtube channel dedicated to music for cats. Purrseidon looked terrified and but never stopped staring at the computer screen and looking for the source.

Last night, we tried the newest nip blend. It is supposed to have a hyper effect when smelled and a soothing when eaten. Well Mr. M did not try it and Ms Purrseidon sniffed it, then laid down in Master Munchkin’s lap and let him hang ornaments and decoration from her tail. I had never seen her so calm. I am not positive, but do not believe she consumed any of this test batch.

She is now napping in her favorite box: