5 Shorts for Catlovers

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And my personal favorite – I KNOW it isn’t a STORY, but I can certainly think of a lot of stories to go with this great landscaping idea!



Meet Zhiro!


Zhiro is named, “after a Hutt from “Star Wars.” We brought her to the vet and found out she was around 3 weeks old and had cat cerebral palsy. It was mild, but she had a difficult time as a kitten walking. She is much better, being just over a year old now.” Like Purrseidon, Zhiro was born feral and adopted at an early age, but with her health issues, you wouldn’t think she would eventually become an adventure cat. However, while she has a few hiking issues, she is an excellent climber and you can read all about her here. You can also see more of her photos on Instagram.

Mother’s Day Update…

I know Mother’s Day was over a week ago, but it took me that long to get permission to tell you about a Cat-a-bliss order that was sent to an unsuspecting cat-mom for Mother’s Day…  d36dd3e63d0ca64e82660830c95920ed if the recipient had known about Cat-a-bliss‘ reputation for quality & irresistible allure, she might have stepped into her house prepared for an exuberant greeting. Alas, she’d had computer woes for weeks, so she hadn’t read any of my blogs about how excited cats got when the Cat-a-bliss order arrived, so she was quite surprised, particularly since her 3 cats had never been overly excited about ‘nip …

The recipient said,”All three of the cats were at the door to greet me.The envelope she (Cat-a-bliss) sent, was out of my hands before I could even set my keys down. Sascha (alpha tom) was so overwhelmed with himself that slobber was literally spraying out of his mouth.
I couldn’t get a pack open fast enough, Sascha caught my hands in his claws, and when I tried to pull away, he bit me.
I think what I’m going to do is get a bottle of fake salt – the name escapes me – and put the nip in it and sprinkle it safely from a distance.
My cats and I thank you very much.”

Sascha suffers from nervous tension, and the gift-order was for two of Cat-a-bliss‘ calming blends, plus one other for his sisters… I doubt that the one that got ripped open was a calming blend…

unnamedLest you think my friend’s experience was unique, Ellen, who has ordered from Cat-a-bliss previously, was prepared, so she not only got 2 photos of ‘mail call’, her husband got a short video of Phoebe opening ‘her’ mail.unnamed-1


Day 7 of the 1/2-Acre Challenge — Marcha’s Two-Cents Worth

I’m happy to report that so far for an entire week I have spent at least two hours a day working in my yard. The progress so far is not that dramatic, but I hope the cumulative effect will be. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and picked up some plants, one of which is […]

via Day 7 of the 1/2-Acre Challenge — Marcha’s Two-Cents Worth

Cat-a-bliss to the Rescue!


Finally the little girl pictured above is safe! It took the neighborhood a lot of patience…  and a bit of cat-a-bliss’ Milo Meow Mix blend ( Kiara’s calming catnip blend to get her into the cage)… but I think this little one will be okay.

Almost Purrfect Day


Furiends, I don’t remember what St. Patrick’s Day was like last year, but this year I supervised my staff as they worked on the yard… I looked for a four leaf clover, as I’m told those are good luck. Alas, my yard didn’t have any, just prickly things, like the crown of thorns shown above.

Hope that doesn’t mean I’m unlucky.


Purrrfect Paella Stew

A few days ago, I asked you to guess what was in this month’s Chewy box.P1170162.JPGDid you guess that Chewy had sent Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. M a case (12 cans) of Natural Balance Delectable Delights Purrrfect Paella Stew?  Mr. M spent many years (don’t know how many) as a feral and his teeth aren’t the best, so we suspected that he would appreciate testing wet food, which doesn’t require much chewing. P1170177.JPG

Purrrfect Paella Stew has a mild smell and is not as bad as most foods containing fish. I love how they considered a cats’ natural diet and health in creating their line of cat food.P1170221.JPG

The cats devoured Delectable Delights. In fact, Mr. M licked both plates clean several times, even though Purrseidon had polished her plate.P1170184.JPG

In short, both Purrseidon and Mr. M would tell you that the name, Delectable Delights, is very appropriate.