Win ‘Nip on St. Pat’s Day!!!!

Create a meme for cats on silver vine and post it on our Facebook page. What is silver vine? Silver vine is more potent then catnip due to having two cat attractants. Cats tend to show a preference for silver vine and many who do not like catnip or are bored with it respond […]

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How Much Do You Know About Catnip? Most cat owners are well aware of the effects catnip has on felines. It’s been called anything from a hallucinogenic for cats to ecstasy and cat cocaine. But regardless of this drug’s popularity, it turns out that about 33% – or one in three cats – will not…

For a great info-graphic on catnip, click the link below.

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Mother’s Day Update…

I know Mother’s Day was over a week ago, but it took me that long to get permission to tell you about a Cat-a-bliss order that was sent to an unsuspecting cat-mom for Mother’s Day…  d36dd3e63d0ca64e82660830c95920ed if the recipient had known about Cat-a-bliss‘ reputation for quality & irresistible allure, she might have stepped into her house prepared for an exuberant greeting. Alas, she’d had computer woes for weeks, so she hadn’t read any of my blogs about how excited cats got when the Cat-a-bliss order arrived, so she was quite surprised, particularly since her 3 cats had never been overly excited about ‘nip …

The recipient said,”All three of the cats were at the door to greet me.The envelope she (Cat-a-bliss) sent, was out of my hands before I could even set my keys down. Sascha (alpha tom) was so overwhelmed with himself that slobber was literally spraying out of his mouth.
I couldn’t get a pack open fast enough, Sascha caught my hands in his claws, and when I tried to pull away, he bit me.
I think what I’m going to do is get a bottle of fake salt – the name escapes me – and put the nip in it and sprinkle it safely from a distance.
My cats and I thank you very much.”

Sascha suffers from nervous tension, and the gift-order was for two of Cat-a-bliss‘ calming blends, plus one other for his sisters… I doubt that the one that got ripped open was a calming blend…

unnamedLest you think my friend’s experience was unique, Ellen, who has ordered from Cat-a-bliss previously, was prepared, so she not only got 2 photos of ‘mail call’, her husband got a short video of Phoebe opening ‘her’ mail.unnamed-1


Meet Boomer


Marcha Fox, who has 2 Bengal + is an excellent YA author, told me about Boomer Now, I’m not sure why Boomer and his human staff, Robert Dollwet, attended an Australian dog show, but they were there and if you click on Boomer, you will go to a great article on, which includes a video of Boomer meeting and greeting the 50 dog show contestants … If attitude says anything, Boomer was the show’s host.

Dare I wonder if Catamondo actually does exist & the cats actually have a peace treaty with Dogdom? A few days ago, I learned there is actually a website called The Daily Mews and Cat-a-bliss actually  has irresistible catnip blends – including Mr. M’s Special Blend. 

Cat-a-bliss Coupon Code


Furiends, Mr. M here & I can’t seem to get photos to add, but MISTERM  is a coupon code you can use at Cat-a-bliss – it will give 10% off the whole order until the end of this month!

Did you notice that Kiara of Cat-a-bliss named the code in my honor?

I never imagined that my dreams of catnip blends would come true, or that I would be asked to test them, but this happened and all because I was being a proper writer’s muse… yes, those catnip blends began as something used by the evil feline, Chester Moreau, but Kiara has proven that catnip blends can also be used for good. P1160616P1160616 For instance, I thought my tree climbing days were long gone, but Kiara must put something magical in her Cat-a-blissblends because my paws feel much better and on good days, I can climb higher than a comfy chair.

So, if you have a cat you love, please use my MISTERM  coupon code at Cat-a-bliss for 10% off your order and get your favorite cat a treat.P1180378


Wordless Wednesday


(Once Purrseidon realized ‘that Holstein tom’ was really moving, she was magnanimous enough to play hostess at a farewell party… Mr. M looks like he expects something sinister to happen, so he’s ready to duck under the table and Purrseidon is still keeping on eye on ‘the interloper’, who has his eyes on the ultimate prize – wet cat food.  They are wagering  Cat-a-bliss blends & dry food.)

There is a hint in the photo about the answer to the question asked in Monday’s post – ‘what was in Mr. M and Purrseidon’s box this month‘ — the answer is NOT the mousetrap game, they borrowed that from Master Munchkin. Can you guess what one of this month’s reviews will be about?

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Day 7 of the 1/2-Acre Challenge — Marcha’s Two-Cents Worth

I’m happy to report that so far for an entire week I have spent at least two hours a day working in my yard. The progress so far is not that dramatic, but I hope the cumulative effect will be. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and picked up some plants, one of which is […]

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Pet Arthritis


I was shocked to learn that 1 in 5 doges over the age of 7 as well as 90% of geriatric cats suffers from arthritis. Mr. M rarely graces this blog because he is one of the 90% and he suffers with arthritic paws. Fortunately, many of his issues have been relieved since he has been using Milo’s Meow Mix, which is one of Cat-a-bliss catnip blends, I don’t think this option is available for all pets (to the best of my knowledge, Cat-a-bliss only ships to addresses in the US), and let’s face it, dogs don’t go ga-ga over ‘nip. So, when I discovered these two info-graphics on Pinterest, I thought the information regarding symptoms, the joint damage and medical options might be useful to you.


Cat-a-bliss to the Rescue!


Finally the little girl pictured above is safe! It took the neighborhood a lot of patience…  and a bit of cat-a-bliss’ Milo Meow Mix blend ( Kiara’s calming catnip blend to get her into the cage)… but I think this little one will be okay.
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