How to get Sticky Stuff out of Fur

How to Get Sticky Substances out of Cat Fur If you’re a cat owner, chances are a time will come when your favourite feline gets into somewhere they shouldn’t, and returns covered in anything from oil to chewing gum! While it’s hard to prevent cats getting into sticky situations, there are a number of household…

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Caring for Mature Cats

The lifespan of cats can be quite varied, their average life expectancy is 15 years, although in rarer cases they may even survive into their twenties. Recognising that your cat is moving into their final years is important, so that you know when to start catering for their changing needs. The most obvious sign that…

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First Aid Tips for Cats

Blue Cross shares first aid and life-saving tips for cat guardians this summer As a cat guardian, one of the scariest things can be if you witness your pet getting hurt. There are many situations where cats may need quick-thinking first aid before you are able to get to a vet. This can be particularly…

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Service Cats: Designer Cats

Welcome to another Service Cat Monday. We wanna take a minute to clear up a few things. We received a few comments on our last post that seem to be a little confused. Mommy in no way endorses feral cats as Service Animals. Service Cat Monday started out with us telling about our specific training. […]

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Ten Dapper Cats Wearing Top Hats

Does your cat look at you as if you were something walked in off your own shoe? These ten cats do that all the time and they have even gone so posh that they have started to wear top hats to show their superiority to their owners… Ten Super Rich Dapper Cats Wearing Top Hats…

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