Pawfficer Donut

Dc8K0HiW0AAgj4kI’ve heard quite a bit on the news about celebrating diversity, equal rights, etc., but the Troy police department has taken a huge step toward correcting the imbalance by swearing in Pawfficer Donut! You can read all about him here. (The link even includes an embedded video of him being sworn in). … I just wonder what the canine pawfficers think about this new development and if they see Pawfficer Donut’s arrival as the downfall of their control over law enforcement.

You can follow his career on Troy’s Twitter page:  Troy Police Dept.@TroyMI_Police


Feline Depression

Cats can get depressed just as us humans. One example of what may trigger feline depression is change. Any change to the cat`s familiar territory, especially if it’s drastic, is potentially distressing for the cat. Pax had to witness his usual litter box space being changed forever. It was a place of very personal nature…

via Feline Depression — Katzenworld

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