Somali Cats

I have been researching cat breeds, etc. for future Sea Purrtector Files and while there isn’t a Somali Cat in Chocolate Somali cat, AnniePurr-a-noia, which I am now in the middle of writing, I thought this breed was great and thought you might be interested, too.

The Somali cat is an excellent family cat and has a great coat, too. Even-tempered, social, and playful, which makes it ideal for children.

Somalis have a medium length ticked coat with a ruff, large tufted ears and a fluffy tail that gives it the look of a fox. The coat requires weekly grooming for most of the year. However, daily grooming is often necessary during shedding season.Chocolate Somali cat Annie, miaowing.

Somalis love being around people, but can be rather insistent when seeking attention. They are usually extroverted, intelligent, athletic, good mousers, affectionate, and enjoy running about outside. So, it is quite surprising to learn that Somalis are sensitive to the cold, and some even appear to be afraid of the cold!somalianfull

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