Grandma Lucy’s Macana

20170217_150935.jpg Grandma Lucy’s Macana is made in the USA by pet owners would love to give their furry friends  nutritious home cooked meals. The family-owned and operated company was created with the goal to take worrying about pet nutrition off the plate of their owners, so they offer a line of tasty and nutritious freeze-dried recipes that give pets nutrients plus flavor. (Their belief is that if they wouldn’t eat it, then neither should your pet. …. I admit that when I received this food, took a sniff and look, I wasn’t sure if I should feed it to the human portion of our family or the furkids.)

Ultimately, we tried all of them with Saphera, since the line is advertised for Woofies. (Purrseidon  insisted on trying them all too, though I don’t think either of the munchkins did, despite the fact that salmon in Master Munchkin’s favorite entree…. Nutritionally, I couldn’t see that the food would be bad for a kitty.) I can not say which Saphera preferred because she instantly gobbled everything. Purr purrfered the starters because they are fun balls and she likes to play with her food, then eat. To use Grandma Lucy’s Macana, you add water too and let sit for a few minutes…(this is best done on the counter with armed guards as mine would happily eat it dry and are impatient.)

We assumed we would just get a bag of freeze-dry food,  and the salmon came with the 20170217_145702cats meds, which we were also testing.  Then, a second box arrive with all sorts of samples of Grandma Lucy’s Macana products + a cute little red lei, which Purrseidon claimed. The food is perfect for on-the-go and when they feel cruddy.

We received a sample pack and a big bag of Freeze-dry beef, so gave Cricket, a good friend’s dog, who had just had jaw surgery the small sample of the beef.  I am pleased to report that Cricket had no problem eating it after her surgery (she is a picky table-scrap-dog whose mom was not sure what to feed her.) Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get photos.

We will buy more Grandma Lucy’s Macana because the furbabies like the favors and the food fits Saphera’s dietary requirements.

We love the coconut dog treats – they are like giant teddy graham’s. These foods definitely made the furbabies feel like they were in vacation somewhere tropical, even though they were in there own back yard. 20170217_145830

Disclaimer: As members of Chewy‘s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Saphera and Purrseidon only shares products and information they believe are of interest to our readers.

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