First Aid Kits for Pets

bcb66c7f-271f-41c2-b46a-f5e51186a0aaHere, in Florida, June 1st signals the official start of hurricane season, so it’s time for us to make sure we’re prepared for a worst-case scenario and I’m beginning by making sure our pet first aid kits are totally ready, so that I merely need to grab them.

I found the pins below on Pinterest and thought they were a good thing to use as the basis for what to put in our own pet kit. Many of the bits are already here, so it’s just a matter of putting the kits together (Katsu, who has some special issues, has a special kit). Once these are done, it’s handy to grab them when you go on either short or long  at  trips.

Neither jpg mentions Pepto Bismol, but I am told that works well for pets, too.



June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

The warm weather means that kitten season is here! Kitten season is the time of year when unaltered cats allowed to roam outside will mate and produce litters of kittens. Sadly, many of these homeless kittens (and their moms) will end up in animal shelters. This is a great time to open your heart and […]

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Prepare Pets in case of Catastrophe

emergencyKITOnce a year, I offer suggestions for how to prepare pets in case of catastrophe…. This year, had an article, which stated, “Sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic Ocean have cooled below average.” This generally means fewer hurricanes, which are usually the main thing that our area needs to prepare for. However, we’re also experiencing a draught, which in turn give a fire-threat. There are many things that can make it necessary to flee one’s home and I always believe it is wise to prepare early. These previous posts might be helpful to you to be ready for a ‘worst-case-synario’ :

Pet Packing list:

Doggie Bug Out Bag:

Preparing for Bad Weather:

Pet Fire & Emergency Safety

Emergency Wallet cards

Emergency Evacuation Kit:

& last but not least, How to Make a Pet First Aid Kit

Again, my philosophy is that it is wise to be knowledgeable and prepared, yet I hope that everything works out well. Despite cooler water, hurricane season will begin in a few weeks, other areas are already experiencing natural disasters like earthquakes and wild fires … of course disasters can also occur on a more personal level, but it we’re prepared, our stress is reduced and that is always a good thing.

DIY Solution for Pet Odors

ByFSEiQCEAANXvSI have not ‘brewed’ a batch of this DIY solution for Pet Odors – yet – so have no firsthand knowledge of how well it works. However, the ingredients seem like they could be good choices and worth a try.  If any of you give this a try, let me know how this works for you — if it is bad, I will delete this blog!

I‘m not 100% sure why mouthwash would be so effective at eliminating pet odor, but it does fight bacteria and therefore, this could be logical.

By vinegar, I assume they mean white vinegar, which I use for a lot of cleaning projects – IMHO, vinegar is great for washing windows + if one puts it in the washer for the rinse cycle, clothes seem to repel stains. AND a couple drops in the water of one’s steam iron can take wrinkles out of permanent press and/or put creases in.

Dawn is good for a lot of things and hydrogen peroxide generally takes out blood stains, so I figure this combination could work.  Like I said, if any of you try it, let me know how it works!


Natural Flea Preventatives

MeOW Welcome to Service Cats and Everything Feline on Furidays. Don’t furget you can always ketch up on any post you may have missed in this series by clickin’ the links on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page. You can also submit your questions and/or topic suggestions in the comments below or by email […]

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Succulents May Be Toxic To Your Pets


Those popular little indoor succulent plants you’re seeing everywhere are adorable and appealing…but are they safe to bring home if you have a dog or cat in the house? There are many houseplants that can be harmful to our pets, but with the growing popularity of pint-sized succulents for the home and patio, veterinarians are […]

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Keeping your pet safe this spring

Keeping your pet safe this spring PDSA offer top tips After a long cold winter and plenty of snow, gardens are beginning to awaken and spring feels as though it’s here at long last. With the weather hopefully warming up, many of our pets will spend more time outdoors. You may already be aware that […]

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Why Euthanasia Drugs are Found in Pet Food

You may have seen some stories in the news lately about small amounts of euthanasia drugs getting detected in some popular pet food brands. How does this type of drug end up in dog and cat food? The answer is obvious but may come as a surprise to many pet owners. A recent article on […]

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