How Purrseidon’s 1st Boogie Board Lesson went …

P1100588I know y’all must think Purrseidon and her water addiction is strange (so do I) … some have speculated that she is a dog in a cat’s body: others have speculated that she believes the Purrtectors I write about in the Sea Purrtector Files are real and she wants to become one … We initially noticed her water obcession when she LIKED getting squirted with a water gun for climbing on the kitchen counter. As she got older, she would beg to go out whenever it rained and/or the lawn sprinkler was on.

I thought it was a very odd phase and she would grow out of it.

Instead, it got worse. Due to our country leash laws, she had to learn to walk on a leash in order to go outside… With the reward of getting into the rain and/or possibly roll in a mud-puddle, she learned fast. Then, she was allowed to go to a local beach and fell in love with the idea of riding a boogie board…. This was not a good idea without a life jacket, but Ms. Munchkin volunteered to teach her, as soon as she had a vest….

IF anyone makes life vests for cats, they need to advertise better because I couldn’t find their product.

However, they are made for dogs, so she now has two life jackets – the pink one in this photo is a doggie XXS and she has a yellow doggie XS, for when she grows (she is only 7 months old). Today, was a beautiful Sunday morning and time for boogie board lesson one — Purrseidon loved it and did very well.



Purrseidon’s New Life Vest

P1100182The life vest arrived, today and as soon as the box was unpacked, Ms. Purr had to try it on. It fit purrfectly 😉 So, she ran to the door, which is where she is at in this photos… guess she thought we’d head directly to the beach to go bogie boarding… Maybe soon. Does anyone else have a kitten, who is obsessed with water and water sports?


Purrsideon’s Day at the Beach

11800710_606686129434515_1036791757_oI think I’ve previously mentioned that Purrsideon’s name fits her to a T … You realize that her name is a play on Poseidon, the Greek God of Water, right? Well, she LOVES water of any sort: baths, dripping faucets, rain, mud puddles (which are doubly good because they end in a bath)…. Last week she had her ‘special surgery’, so the feeling was that for her next outing she should go somewhere fun. And she is really good on a leash… and she begged really, really hard to go to the beach.11800990_606686699434458_1887865003_o

Since it was supposed to be a short trip, she got her wish. Normally, she only gets to walk on the jungle trail (left), which is by the Intercostal Waterway, but she was determined to hike over to the beach.  She LOVED the Atlantic. (The beach was posted ‘No Dogs Allowed’. Fortunately, she isn’t a dog.) She wanted to go swimming, but I don’t think she knows how… she kept begging to ride the bogie board, but was told that would not happen until she had a life vest… She is on another computer using my Amazon Prime account to order one… Of course, no one makes life vests for CATS, so she is currently trying to figure out if she would fit a XXS doggie or if a XS pup size would be right ….

Some people ask me where I come up with the cat characters in Xander’s Sea Purrtector Files or they wonder why I thought to have Xander jump into water! Sheesh, in the photo below, The ‘Sea Kitten God’ is telling anyone who will listen to launch to bogie board. Need I say more?


Oskar & Minik – 2 Blind Cats

purrtectorfilesYou can watch a video clip of Oskar with his first ever toy by clicking the Sea Purrtector Files at the left. This was taken in 2011 and that jingly ball was not his only big first for that day – it was his first day with his ‘forever family’, and a wonderful beginning to the rest of his life.

As per Minik, the photos below were found at


Cats + Birds

Mount EverestFor years, the common assumption has been that if you let your cat outside, it will kill all your birds. Perhaps that is true of some cats, but obviously not all. For instance, the cat at the left looks like he is wearing a thinking bird – perhaps with the bird’s thought is ‘you will not eat me’, but the poor cat looks like s/he is thinking ‘if you don’t get off, you will regret it’.

I also found the cat & bird below on Pinterest (where else?). It looks like these two were raised together, so learned to be friends. Simon, the Jamaican Purrtector must be very pleased to know that he is not the only cat with a bird friend.


Cats & Deer

catwithfawnIt is a common misconception that cats kill for the sake of killing  … this is not true.

Not only are ‘regular cats’ capable of seeing deer as friends, even their big ‘cousins’ apparently follow the ‘law of the wild’ and – according to photos, below – only kill when hungry.

This is why one of Xander’s basic beliefs in the Sea Purrtector Files is that he needs to ‘see beyond species and look at the other’s core traits. He has had some unexpected allies. This also means a cat could even be a villain…

Found on

10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

THursdayI love Pinterest and the interesting information/pictures I find there!

( I also question if these 10 points are valid for all cats – for instance, #4, tail twitching at the tip –  when Rom did that, he was usually looking out the window and making odd sounds to birds. So I interpreted the tip of his tail twitching as “I want to eat you”. Come to think of it, I guess that could also mean ‘I love you, preferably stuffed and roasted’)