Service Cats: How Long Does It Take To Train A Cat Pt. 3 — Deziz World

MeOW and welcome to Service Cats and Everything Feline on Furidays. We’re really enjoying this stroll down memory lane while explaining the length of time it took for each of us to learn specific tasks; and we hope you are too. Several of you expressed that you didn’t realize Training took so long after hearing […]

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Training Service Cats Pt 2

MeOW and welcome to a new installment of Service Cats and Everything Feline. Keep the questions coming. ‘Member, there’s no stupid question, we can’t all know everythin’ all the time. We do want to remind you to be as specific as pawssible when askin’ behavioral questions. We want to give you the best Training Tips […]

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Service Cats: Defining Service, Therapy And Emotional Support Animals

Meow and welcome to another installment of Service Cat Monday on Friday. We’re actually going to be changin’ the name to avoid any confusion. We also want to remind you that you can ketch up on any posts you may have missed by clicking on the Training Tips and Everything Feline link in our menu. […]

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Using an MRI on Dogs

In the ongoing effort to understand what our pets are thinking, researchers have been performing MRI scans on dogs’ brains for the past several years. A recent canine brain scan study conducted by scientists at Emory University may help determine which dogs will make the best service dogs. 43 service dogs in training with the […]

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Service Cats…

Welcome, to Service Cat Monday with RaenaBelle. That’s right, in keepin’ with the thought that sis Dezi is off at Summer camp (it’s really virutal, she’s right here), I’s takin’ over the bloggy includin’ Service Cat Monday. You all ‘member to tell her I’s did a good job, K? Anyways, I think I’s s’posed to […]

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Service Cats: Training Methods

MeOW Welcome to another Service Cat Monday. It seems like furever since our last Service Cat Monday posty, but we’re back. We have a great question ‘bout specific trainin’ methods, but we want mommy to be tip top to tackle it, so tune in next week fur that post. Today, we’re gonna focus on a […]

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Wheelchair Training Continues…

MeOW and welcome to Service Cat Monday. We purreciate your patience and understandin’ fur lettin’ us take last Monday off. It’s been another week and mommy still hasn’t gotten us a special graphic. Can you believe it? Anyways, we haven’t gotten any new questions, so we’ll be tellin’ a Raena trainin’ story today. We welcome […]

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