Cats & Deer

catwithfawnIt is a common misconception that cats kill for the sake of killing  … this is not true.

Not only are ‘regular cats’ capable of seeing deer as friends, even their big ‘cousins’ apparently follow the ‘law of the wild’ and – according to photos, below – only kill when hungry.

This is why one of Xander’s basic beliefs in the Sea Purrtector Files is that he needs to ‘see beyond species and look at the other’s core traits. He has had some unexpected allies. This also means a cat could even be a villain…

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Cat Saves Baby!

TGIFThe New York Post has a fantastic article about Masha, a hero-cat who saved a baby from freezing.

Masha has the qualities that Catamondo looks for in Purrtectors and I am sure Xander would be proud to know her.

If you click on the Sea Purrtector Files below, it will take you to the complete story at the New York Post.


Herbs & Flowers for Butterflies


For years, Rom and I shared an L shaped desk – we each with our own keyboard (he loved to sprawl on top of his), which allowed me to type on mine 😉 I had a monitor, and he had a big window, which overlooked the back yard. While I wrote, he made odd sounds to birds, squirrels and butterflies. Since he loved ‘working’ with me so much, I always made sure there were plenty of plants within view of our window that attracted butterflies. Even now, when Rom is no longer with us, I plant things to attract butterflies, and – of course – I am writing Xander’s Sea Purrtector Series in his memory.

Below is a jpg of herbs, which Nimri has that attract butterflies, however, if you click on that, it should take you to  which lists several flowers butterflies love + shows you how to make a feeder for them.

butterfly herbs

Why Cats Rule + link to Savior Cat



The jpg below was found on However, if you click it, you will go to a great article of how a Hero Cat saved a five-year-old boy from a group of bullies.

This type of heroic behavior is what Catamondo’s Purrtectors are noted for, which is why Xander is so proud to be the Sea Purrtector.

(Note: if I didn’t link the photo above properly, the address for the bully story is at )

Survived the Holidays!


Now that all the festivities are over, Xander says it is time to rest up for the coming week…. and many of his friends are doing just that. In the photos below, they are demonstrating that you can rest no matter where you are 😉

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Cats + Unexpected Friends


 Happy New Year!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if 2015 could be the year that we humans resolve to learn to accept those, who are a bit different from us? Xander has never been fond of dogs, but as the Sea Purrtector, he tries hard to find the good in other species, and we could learn a lot from him and the cats below at how to get along/

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