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Heart Risk After Vax???

Is there an increased heart risk after the vax? I am particularly interested in this because a friend had a triple bypass on Monday…. about a year ago, she and I had a big difference of opinion re. the jab. Mggie was so pro-vax, that I think she’d have gotten a dozen, if they’d let her… she and I have avoided that topic for the past year and kept to safe topics, so I don’t know if she still adheres to that opinion.

After a year of research into the jab, I’m more entrenched in my distrust than I was when I only thought it was a waste of time because my own immune system provided 99% protection, while the jab only provided 95% protection…. Believe me, learning which ingredients big pharma was putting in their ‘brew’ did NOT soften my opinion, so while I still think Maggie is entitled to as many jabs as she wants (her body, her choice), I am now to the point of stating that I will volunteer to be a target at the rifle range before getting that jab. (my body, my choice).

For any of you who think the unvaxxed need to be vaxxed for you to be protected, I point out that your jab is supposed to protect you…. if it didn’t do it’s job, how do you expect one I might get to help you?

I’ll leave you with a couple final truths – think about them:

IF this headline is fact, just why are ‘they’ pushing those jabs so hard? What is their real agenda?!?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accidentally revealed more than 2,000 flight records connected to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets, over 700 of which were previously unknown, according to Insider:

What If…..

You and I think the FDA, Fauci, CCD, WHO, hospitals, big pharma and others have done a horrible job managing COVID, but what if they are accomplishing exactly what they intended? What if they are part of the deep state, who are basically using a strain of the common cold and/or flu to whip people into a frenzy of fear/panic because they know those in fear are easy to direct/control. What if another aspect of their true agenda is to get as many to die as possible and the are using riots, the jab and masks as tools for that?

Riots kill and maim. So does suffocating in a mask and not being able to get medical attention because “hospitals are full of covid patients” that may or may not exist… IF a hospital only has 2 covid beds and those 2 beds are ‘full’ than indeed, it could be claimed that ‘hospitals are full’, even though dozens, even hundreds, of other beds might be empty…. Not saying that is happening everywhere, but it sure does seem to be happening in certain areas… I think each of us needs to check out our local hospital/s to see what is actually happening.

I’m hearing 70% of those hospitalized have had at least one jab; and I know that after the 1919 influenza epidemic, they admitted that the majority of deaths were due to bacterial pneumonia, not influenza…. guess what holds bad bacteria and causes us to rebreathe it – masks. Thus, those that we think are giving us advice on staying healthy, are actually telling us ways to undermine our health.
BTW, masks do not protect us from viruses and/or contain a virus… those are way smaller than bacteria. My favorite analogy is that controlling a virus with a mask is basically equivalent to keeping mosquitoes out of your yard by putting up a chain-link fence. You and I both immediately know that is an idiotic idea, but without a super good microscope, we can’t really see either bacteria or viruses, so we don’t know how ludicrous the mask concept is.

“They’ create artificial divides between us – for Hitler, it was ‘us’ against the jews and gypsies and whoever else he couldn’t control…. Now, you and I apparently have been labeled white supremacists and supposedly we hate ‘anyone of color’… Idiotic, yet some seem to believe the nonsense…. if they don’t believe the b s, then I wonder if they are being paid to be violent… If racist wasn’t bad enough, they also try to divide mask/maskless; vaxxed/vaxless… and anything else they can think of that simultaneously pushes their actual agenda, while pretending to try to save lives.

I don’t put anything past Soros and his demonic pack.  I’m particularly suspicious about that jab.

Speaking of the ‘jab’, this is Dr. Robert Malone: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccines speaks out and ‘they” have been trying to censor him!
– Awarded 9 patents for mRNA and DNA research
– The first to create working results in tadpoles, chicks, and mice, proving his ideas.
– Known for making HUGE contributions to treating viruses such as HIV, SARS, and Ebola.
Dr Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology… And he’s speaking out about what’s been going on behind the scenes and what’s being hidden from you…
Grab this brand new free report from Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology and hear the REAL truth about what big pharma and the government are hiding from you…

Link to more empty hospital info:’s%20why%20hospitals%20appear%20empty.%20To%20avoid%20infections,hospitals%2C%20which%20is%20why%20hospitals%20now%20appear%20empty.


Fight to Save the Children

This fight to save the children began years ago – and IMHO, it is why those in the Deep State hate President Trump with such an irrational vengeance. You see, to them children and others are a sort of commodity… I could tell you about the awful ways they use these children and others, but it is awful…. not something I wish to dwell on. If you want to know what I’m referring to, research child trafficking – if you want truth instead of deception and twisted facts, do NOT use google, twitter, FB or the main stream media links – sadly, they are all part of the Deep State misinformation agenda. <I wish they weren’t.> I’ve known more than I want to about this for a long time, but now that G. Maxwell’s trial is about to begin, it seems appropriate to mention this topic.

If you have a strong stomach, research adrenochrome…. apparently, it is a supposed ‘immortality serum’ the rich, who consider themselves superior, can get addicted to.

They also seem to have a ‘market’ for parts of aborted fetuses…. Sick, sick, sick. I’m not sure what all they do with these murdered pre-babies, but there is a valid reason why I haven’t worn makeup in years…. and that isn’t the only place these bits seem to have ended up. Like I said, research this stuff. Don’t take my word for it.

Santa has some good info on this topic, too:

Before I close, here are a few bits of information I’ve collected about Ghislaine and her family:

Digital addiction

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? How much time do you spend on messengers, social networks, mail, online shopping applications? Can you do without your smartphone while driving? When was the last time you talked to your child without being distracted by notifications? Difficult questions. And the time of paradoxes.…

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