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Aww Monday

This post is a departure from my typical posts, for one thing because it’s a photo of a human instead of pets. I chose this because it’s one of my ‘prize photos’ from when we lived in Central America. The baby was born into the Ngäbe-Buglé tribe, which is one of Panama’s indigenous people.

Due to the high infant mortality rate, the baby won’t get a name until it’s first birthday. Many of their homes have dirt floors and the clean laundry the baby is sleeping on top of was probably washed in the river, then dried on top of shrubs or maybe a fence.  The laundry bag was crocheted from fibers that were recycled from feed bags, which was much easier for them to ‘harvest’ than the strands from palm leaves, which were the traditional method. The strap is long because the ladies going to/from the river to do their laundry put the band across their forehead, with the weight at their backs.
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