Service Cats – Aggression Pt. 2

Welcome to another Service Cat Monday. We’re still tacklin’ that really tuff topic, “Aggression”. So pull up a chair, get you a cup of coffee, tea or whatever your drink of choice is and get ready to explore the world from the feline point of view. As always, the followin’ will be written in human […]

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If you Find Baby Wildlife…

It’s very common to find baby wildlife this time of year. While you may want to spring into action and “rescue” baby squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc. when you don’t see their mom around, wildlife experts will tell you that well-meaning “rescuers” are actually “kidnappers”—taking babies away when their mother is alive and well. The best […]

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10 Unusual Cats

Top 10 Cats Born With Unusual Birth Defects and Fur MarkingsAll of these ten cats you are about to see are still beautiful, but each of them has something that makes them that extra bit special. Some have unusual birth defects and some of them were born with amazing fur markings. These are cats that…

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