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The question is: Is this article fact or fiction?

“United States Special Forces and Army Rangers on Thursday arrested Deep Staters—four politicians, two Hollywood actors, and two liberal media personalities–following the criminal Biden regime’s gala extraordinaire banquet, where 300 black-tie guests feasted on taxpayer-funded Maine lobster, Almas caviar, and bottles of Chateau Margaux grand vin—at $200K per bottle.”

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Law Suit

A wild card has just entered the game folks.. Something that was completely unexpected in this “card game”. The SCOTUS has accepted the 2 lawsuits of Brunson vs Adams – Biden Harris Pence and 385 members of Congress. The lawsuits are about the defendants breaking their oath of office. Four brothers originated this lawsuit and I have the pleasure of sitting down with the eldest brother Loy, Juan O Savin and The Ghost! Could this be the Hail Mary our country needs? The entire house of cards is coming down on the deep state.. Hunter Biden laptop, FTX scandal and now this case has made it all the way to the SCOTUS by a miracle. Here we go..

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Central Bank

Jake’s thoughts and information about Central Bank Digital Currencies and why he thinks it could be a BAD IDEA!!!! I share his opinion because over the past few years, we’ve seen how certain individuals go ‘crazy with power’ once they get a taste of it.

IMHO, it’s bad enough that we’re forced to pay taxes and then idiots generally throw the money away on whatever strikes they fancy, no matter how ridiculous it might be. Perhaps you’ll disagree with me and that’s fine because each of us has an opinion and it would be a very dull world if we all looked, thought, acted, etc. alike. I, for one, resent that my tax dollars are lavished on illegals while our country’s own poor and many veterans live in poverty

Patrick Byrne Admits He’s Behind All The FTX Crypto Mess!

Well, once again…we hit the target when Byrne shouted…his trouble with crypto was just a “Tiny Little Thing” in 2019 and when we heard, we said…no Byrne it’s a big thing! Read Nov. 30, 2021: Byrnes Tiny Little Thing- The Marshall Report ( We’re still sorting out how we got into where we didn’t want…Continue…

Patrick Byrne Admits He’s Behind All The FTX Crypto Mess! — The Marshall Report
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